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June 5, 2017

Marriage is the most important aspect of our lives, and our whole life depends on the future of our married life. Marriage can either make the person or break so; we become very cautious while choosing someone for entire life. When will I get married is a most common question that every person wants to know.

As we have already said that marriage prospects can be predicted by astrology but how exactly astrologers calculate the marriage timing remains a question but not anymore today we will tell you how an astrologer calculates marriage timing and by following certain rules you can predict your marriage prospects too. If you are keen to know when you will get married, then bring out your birth chart and analyze it to know the favorable period for your marriage.
There are 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses in the birth chart. Each house signifies certain areas of life like health, wealth, marriage, education, career, children, etc.

Moreover, marriage can be predicted from 2nd, 7th and 11th house of a person’s horoscope.2nd house represents family life whereas 7th house shows marriage prospects along with the nature and appearance of your spouse. Further 11th house tells about your hopes and desires.

The prospect of marriage and timing could be predicted by analyzing the natal chart. However, your horoscope might indicate several clues those point toward marriage but not all materialize as the presence of malefic planets, which may alter the results. Therefore, it becomes important to study the planets that influence the marriage houses, and if they are weak or afflicted, then they can give undesirable results during their periods.
Considerations while analyzing the 7th house for marriage

When it comes to predicting marriage prospects, then the 7th house is given the utmost importance. There are several things related to the seventh house that is considered in a case of marriage.

1. Planets positioned in the seventh house along with their association with other planets.
2. The Lord of 7th house and its position in the birth chart.
3. The position of the Venus in the birth chart.
4. Major and minor period of 7th house lord.

Planets in seventh house:

The nature of your spouse can be predicted by the nature of planet or planets occupying the seventh house. For instance, Sun in 7th house points to a partner who will be disciplined, dominating and concerned about his/her image in the outer world. If the sun is afflicted by Mars, then there can be problems in the marriage.

Lord of seventh house and its position in chart:
The quality of married life can be predicted by the placement of lord of the 7th house, whether it is placed strongly or weakly in the chart. For example, if the 7th house lord is Mars and Mars is placed in the house of communication i.e. 3rd house then he/ she will enjoy the good interaction with the partner. If the 7th house is afflicted then person’s married life might suffer.

The position of Venus:
Venus is the significator of 7th house and determining its position in the chart is becomes important. For instance, the influence of the moon on Venus indicates a charming and good-looking spouse. Whereas, if Venus is afflicted with the moon then the partner tend to have a restless mind. On the other hand, if Venus is exalted in the chart then a person will enjoy a good married life. If Venus is afflicted, then the person will face problem during the major or minor period of the planet. For instance, if Mars is the lord of 7th house and is afflicted that native will experience some adverse effect during the period of Mars.
Apart from 7th house, the 2nd house and 11th houses are very significant. However, the planets associated or positioned in these houses are also taken into consideration while predicting the favorable time to get married. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon are considered auspicious planet and Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu as inauspicious planets.
Moreover, if Venus is placed in the seventh house, the marriages happen at an early age. Moon also brings the marital bliss at an early age. Further, marriage takes place between the age of 24 yrs to 26 yrs when Jupiter placed in the seventh house. If Saturn is conjunction with Venus or the lord of 7th house, then marriage gets delayed.

The D-9 Chart can indicate marriage timing:
The ninth harmonic divisional chart is called as Navamsa chart, and it is helpful in indicating the timing of marriage and future of married life. If the pattern of the natal chart and Navamsa chart that indicates marriage resembles each other, then accurate timing of the marriage can be predicted. In Navamsa chart, a time when Jupiter crosses the ascendant lord is considered favorable time for marriage.
Apart from these, there are other methods to predict at what age you will marry.
• When Navamsha Lagna Lord is in Kendra, then early marriage takes place.
• Navamsha Lagna Lord in Trikona indicates slight delay, but native will get married in time.
• If Navamsha Lagna Lord in Dusthana and is spoilt by malefic like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu, then marriage happens after 30 years.
• In case the Navamsha Lagna Lord is extremely spoilt then there is a denial of marriage.
• Moreover, if Navamsha Lagna Lord is in 7th House and 7th Lord in 12th house then marriage often happens at 23rd or 26th years of age.
• If Venus is in the seventh house or Seventh Lord or the Lagna lord of Navamsa is all afflicted, then no marriage occurs, and such person doesn’t marry.

Transits Triggering Marriage:
The actual results can be experienced during the transits or the planetary periods. However, whenever the Lord of the 2nd, 7th and 11th house come into any of the houses during transit, then they trigger marriage.
Jupiter is the most benefic planet that triggers marriage after Venus. When Jupiter and Venus transit through the seventh house or aspects 7th house, at a time is considered very favorable for marriage.
Other Transits:
• When we add longitude of Lagna Lord and 7th Lord and if Jupiter transits this point, its trine or 7th from it then marriage is on the cards.
• Add Longitudes of Janma Nakshatra Lord and 7th Lord. When Jupiter transits this point /its trine, marriage is likely.
• Males often get married when Jupiter transits natal Venus or its dispositor or their trines. However, females get married when Venus transits natal Mars or its dispositor or their trines.
Apart from these, there are several ways to predict marriage and married life, but you need to get in contact with expert astrologers on Astrologyelite, those can guide you and clear your doubts.

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