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Venus gets debilitated in Virgo. The natives with Venus in Virgo are very devoted by nature. They are faithful to their loved ones and take pleasure in serving others. They are true to their words and do their best to fulfill the promises they have made to others. They feel shy to express their feelings for others. They have a tendency to expect too much from their partner and criticize them if they lack perfection in their attitude or work. Their never-ending search for a perfect partner makes them discontented and delays their marriage. They want everything to be neat and organized around them.

The natives with Venus in Virgo get attracted to people with delicate and gracious personality. They are very calm and cultured and dislike people who are rude or nasty. They look for the inner beauty in themselves and others as for them the real meaning of life lies in goodness of human conduct. They dislike people who show-off and act differently than their real nature to impress others. They like people who behave appropriately and live a clean life. They want a partner who is decisive, follows the moral code and remains composed in difficulties.

The natives with Venus in Virgo sincerely want to help others by showing them the right path. They feel offended when others respond to their help with resistance and rebuttals. They want others to appreciate their caring ways. They are very practical and sensible. They know that the sugar-coated emotional compliments are abstract. They prefer concrete actions to statements. The people who speak gently and have pleasant manners grab their attention. They are not the ones who get swayed by huge promises. They want their partner to remain hygienic and truthful. They make it their mission to bring alcoholics, drug addicts and strayed people on the path of righteousness.

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