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Venus is in its own house in Taurus. The natives with Venus in Taurus get hypnotized by good looks. They fall for a person who is strong, dependable and attractive. However, they look for a long term relationship based on love and trust. A person who is gorgeous may instantly catch their attention and get cozy with them; but if that person is bad-mannered or dishonest, they break that bond instantaneously. They move very cautiously in relationships because they want to get assured about the long term commitment. They test the waters to ensure that they are not opting for a good-looking horse that will not stay in his stable for long.

The natives with Venus in Taurus love physical proximity, which pulls them towards others in search of physical love. But they can’t sustain in an unsteady relationship. They value beauty that is natural and spotless. They need a partner who provides them with financial security and peace of mind. The pleasant appearance and indomitable spirit of the partner is their top requirement. They want their partner to constantly shower them with gifts and surprise packages like short trip to an unseen place, meal in a famous restaurant, long drive in their stylish car or lavish spending on clothes and accessories.

The natives with Venus in Taurus tend to be too lazy. They expect others to do the menial tasks while they spend their time in enjoying the comforts, good food, wine and sleeping. They need to be cautious from getting overweight. They give too much prominence to materialistic things and luxuries. They are also prone to reckless spending. They become too possessive about their partner and exhibit jealousy if someone tries to get too friendly with them. If they don’t get comforts and security in a relationship, they may try to find it elsewhere.

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