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The natives with Venus in Scorpio crave for an intense and profound relationship. They have too high aspirations in love and nothing satisfies them less than the merger of souls. They want their love story to attain the status of a legend or folk tale. They want to forge a strong, passionate and eternal bond with their partner. But over-possessiveness and unrestrained jealousy ruins their relationship with their partner. They can hold on to one person or relationship for a lifetime. They are very suspicious about even the platonic friendships of their partner. If they are betrayed, they hate that person with as much intensity as they once loved.

The natives with Venus in Scorpio are attracted to people who have a special charm and aura around them. Although their feelings are deep-rooted, they feel inhibited to express them. They don’t give a second chance to the person who betrays them once. Either they are totally involved or totally cut-off. They delve into spirituality to overcome the pain of emotional burn down. They consider physical intimacy as ultimate means to bring about emotional bonding. They want their lover to understand their feelings just by an intent look. They want to form a relationship in which both the partners are able to read each other’s heart without using words.

The natives with Venus in Scorpio fall in a weak position due to their desire of controlling their partner. When they try to get emotionally too close to their partner, they end up hurting their partner as no one wants to be driven like a puppet. They inflict pain on themselves and their partner by ordering them to behave in the way they desire. If they are opposed, they pull the punches in retaliation. They are like an examiner who checks even the minutest of details in relationships.

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