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The natives with Venus in Sagittarius are sympathetic, benign and optimistic. They view love through rose-tinted glasses. They want their partner to evolve with them in love to make their relationship remarkable. They can’t carry on a relationship with someone who doesn’t provide them with rock-solid support. They want to share that kind of love with their partner which they share with God. Deplorable conditions of underprivileged people move their heart and they jump in to rescue the drowning soul. They spend a lot of time in philanthropic works as it gives them the eternal peace they long for.

The natives with Venus in Sagittarius want a partner who can broaden their horizon and expand their consciousness. They want their partner to be fun-loving, adventurous and outgoing. They love traveling and eating rich food. They are always eager to meet new people and share their trials and tribulations. People of different cultures and backgrounds, including foreigners, find it easy to connect with them at the first go. They want to share their achievements, dreams and aspirations with their partner. They want to establish a spiritual bond with their partner and the physical proximity ranks below than that.

The natives with Venus in Sagittarius love to embark on new zones of interest and are always willing to learn. They make conversations interesting by giving their insightful comments based on time tested logic. They enjoy a lively discussion on an idea or topic that they feel strongly about. They may get charged up or aggressive in debates or conversations but they are basically lighthearted people who believe in the principle of peaceful co-existence. They feel suffocated in a regimented life where everything is structured. They want to live a life where no boundaries encompass them. They want freedom in work and in relationships. There is no place for heavy emotions and over-possessiveness in their life.

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