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Venus gets exalted in Pisces. The natives with Venus in Pisces are softhearted and kind by nature. They selflessly throw themselves in service of those whom they love or who ask for any favor from them. People come to them with their sob stories and ask for their opinion in such matters. They are idealistic in matters pertaining to love and are ready to sacrifice their interests to keep someone happy. They connect emotionally with people who are sensitive, creative and artistically disposed. They yearn for a partner with whom they can build a profound spiritual relationship.

The natives with Venus in Pisces are easy-going and docile. They don’t correlate with people who don’t honor their feelings. They value empathy above everything else. They understand the sufferings of other people by feeling their pain. They have the ability to figure out the sentiments of people by reading their expressions. They are ready to accept the eccentric ways of people but don’t burden them with theirs. Sometimes, they think one thing but express it in other way which creates an impression that they are absentminded and their vision is blurred. Sometimes, they talk in circles about their situations and expect people to read between the lines the hidden meaning of their remarks.

The natives with Venus in Pisces make every possible effort to ensure that they don’t hurt the feelings of any living being. They convey the bad news to someone in such a way that it doesn’t look bad. If any general conversation or debate turns ugly, they leave the place so that their mental equilibrium is not disturbed. When someone injures their tender heart, they retreat to aloofness by distancing themselves from others. If someone empathizes with them, they open up their heart to them. Artistic endeavors inspire them to leave their mark in their field of work.

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