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Venus is in its own house in Libra. The natives with Venus in Libra are well-mannered, sensible and diplomatic. They look elegant and dress in style. They find it difficult to say ‘No’ to others because they are very generous and want to please everyone. It makes them vulnerable to peoples’ guiles. They can be pragmatic too as they know how to make others fall in line by taking action that fits the situation. They convince people to follow their instructions. They want peace and harmony in life and make every possible effort to attain it. They avoid discussing issues that may hurt people or result in friction with them. They sweep the controversial issues under the carpet.

The natives with Venus in Libra want a partner who matches their passion and balances their persona. They are attracted to someone who is stylish, gracious and forward-looking. They detest people who are ill-mannered and insensitive. They have color sense and knowledge of music and fine arts. They are lazy and opt for an easy way to get the work done. They depend a lot on other people and feel confident only in the company of their loved ones. Their indecisiveness robs them of many good opportunities.

The natives with Venus in Libra advocate equal treatment in relationships and marriage. They can live happily only in a committed relationship. They treat their partner with fairness and gentleness. When the goddess of love is in the sign of love, the results can only be magnificent. Their relationship with someone can turn sour if the other person doesn’t reciprocate their warmth of love with kindness. They don’t mind speaking an odd lie if that makes their partner happy or keeps the relationship strong. They feel complete when they are united with their partner. They are attracted to beautiful people but they hunger after the inner beauty in others.

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