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The natives with Venus in Leo are kindhearted, spontaneous and trustworthy. They can’t stand small-mindedness in others. They are high-spirited and look to participate in various activities, academic and sports. They get hurt emotionally when others don’t take the relationships seriously. They pay more attention in toning up their physical appearance. In the process, they forget that inner beauty counts more than the outer beauty. They tend to be pompous and want to remain the centre of attraction in any social gathering or party. They are vulnerable to flattery and adulation. They want others to make them feel special by splattering appreciation and kind words on them.

The natives with Venus in Leo fall in love with the idea of love. They are romantic and dreamy as they fantasize a lot about their lover. They want their love life to run parallel with the reel-life drama. They yearn for a partner who is the Prince or Princess of their dreams, who sweeps them off their feet in the first sight. They are on cloud nine when their partner exhibits romantic gestures and spends generously on them. They get attracted to famous people. Their partner should be flamboyant, witty and outgoing.

The natives with Venus in Leo are good judges of genuineness of intentions in a person and are turned off by those who try to exploit their feelings. They appreciate the creativity of other people and try to hone up their skills by learning from others. They get bored if things don’t move as per their expectations. They want to remain faithful to their partner because they want a fairy-tale romance with a happy ending. The simple way to make them happy is by telling them that they are breathtaking and special. They always reciprocate the good gestures of others by paying back with desired compliments.

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