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The natives with Venus in Gemini get attracted by someone’s intellect, communication skills and sense of humor. They don’t get bowled by someone’s attractive looks only. They value mental agility. They want a partner who can stimulate their mind by challenging the opinions, keeps them away from boredom and exhibits curiosity. They want to share ideas, speak at length, go to different places and learn new things. They like to flirt with charming and friendly people. Sometimes, they can be fickle in matters of love and romance as they desire more than one partner at a time. They enjoy the fun of love and run away from its responsibilities.

The natives with Venus in Gemini are blessed with creative muscle. They perform better when they put their thoughts on paper. They express their feelings effectively through poetry or comprehensive pieces of writing. They can also create beautiful things with their hands. They follow their mind rather than succumbing to their emotions. They get attracted to that person whose mind downpours creative juices and who don’t get over-emotional. They want partner who gives them ample space and freedom to evolve professionally. They take a long time to commit in a relationship as they think that there are so many attractive propositions that it is difficult to pick one.

The natives with Venus in Gemini like to flirt and catch the attention of others by the magic of their tongue. They enthrall others with the finesse of their language. They want to live a life that is entertaining, tension-free, detached and full of interesting activities. They don’t want to stick to a stagnant routine or lose their freedom. They want flexibility in their schedule. They consider themselves broadminded and are ready to debate on contentious issues. People who are intelligent and witty grab their attention right away.

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