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The natives with Venus in Capricorn are serious in disposition and express love in a very guarded and reserved way. They feel hesitant to lay bare their feelings. Although they look aloof and detached, they care a lot about what others think of them. They seek people’s attention and desire appreciation and affection of others. Superficial emotions, casual relationships and one night flings don’t generate interest in them. They take their relationships seriously and get satisfaction only in a long term commitment. They look for a partner who can nurture their emotions and give them long lasting and pure love.

The natives with Venus in Capricorn are conservative in matters of love and marriage. They follow the norms established by the society or family. They remain devoted to their partner in good as well as bad times. There are high chances that they may get attracted to or fall in love with someone who is older than them. They feel that a mature and reliable person can provide them shelter of love and emotional security. They respect people older than them because they think that knowledge and worldly wisdom comes with age and experience.

The natives with Venus in Capricorn feel that the choice of life partner will impact their life to the highest degree. The wrong choice will make their life hell and the right choice will put them on a higher pedestal. That’s why they may marry for financial security and elite status. They get attracted to someone who is wealthy and has earned fame or respectable position in the society. They can’t sustain with people who are not interested to raise their social and financial status. Although they long for true love in life, yet they don’t overlook the nitty-gritty of pragmatic approach towards marriage. They may not show their softer and emotional side to others but they are very sentimental and devoted in love.

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