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The natives with Venus in Cancer are shy, sensitive, soothing and romantic. They are deeply attached to their family, friends, home, native place and memories of the past. They are the ones who remember the birthdays, anniversaries and other special days of their loved ones. They are generally the first one to call others on important occasions. For them, love is a long-lasting emotion. They seek emotional security in their relations. They want to reside in a harmonious environment, where everyone cares for the emotions of others. They firmly stand by their relations and sometimes become over possessive about them.

The natives with Venus in Cancer tend to over eat when they are sad and depressed. Their craving for rich food, sweets and wine compound the problem and make them obese. The mental turmoil affects their health adversely. Their caring and sympathetic attitude makes them a natural caretaker of other people. They shower their partner with motherly love. They believe in soft approach towards relationships and strive to make their house a beautiful home. They don’t gel with people who are swollen with pride, frozen emotionally and hurt others with reckless behavior and distasteful comments. They don’t want to enter into relationships that may inflict pain in future. That’s why they approach new relationships with reservation.

The natives with Venus in Cancer prefer to correlate with people who give importance to emotions and possess good character. They judge others by their speech and manners. Having a soft temperament doesn’t mean that they are afraid of others or incapable of dealing with troublemakers. They can fittingly give the wrongdoers a taste of their medicine if they are mistreated continually. They can use harsh words which can pierce far deeper to show the wicked people their place. They become tough when they have to defend themselves and their dear ones.

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