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The natives with Venus in Aries yearn for love, relationships and socializing. They like to take the lead in starting a new relationship. Their feelings and passions get fired up very easily. For them, the excitement of the chase is more adventurous than the final catch. Thus, their love affairs take off in a flash of stimulation but end up in monotonous mode. Their mind is occupied with the thoughts of conquering something new. They try to please others by sacrificing their own interests. They don’t find difficulty in adjusting with the partner who tends to dominate them.

The natives with Venus in Aries like to be a part of any sort of competition. They don’t mind picking up fights so as to satisfy their desire for action and thrill. They need to overcome the negative traits like selfishness and intolerance. They are flirtatious and don’t wait for longer to demonstrate their attraction towards someone and propose to them. For them, the person they are chasing is a trophy which they have to obtain at any cost. They don’t mince words to express what they want in a relationship, and fume with anger if the other party doesn’t respond in affirmation.

The natives with Venus in Aries express their intentions honestly and don’t hurl abuses behind someone’s back. They hate cheating in relationships and would rather part ways with mutual consent. They take pride in being aggressive, independent and brave. They don’t want to associate with people who are weak, disadvantaged or low profile. They don’t want to make companionship with people who can’t take a stand or fight their own battle. They want a partner who not just supports their values and understand their emotions; but who reflects the qualities that they possess. When they are in love, they may shout from the rooftops to let everyone know this.

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