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The natives with Venus in Aquarius are inclined towards rational and balanced relationships. They are attracted to people who can stimulate their thinking process and who have high standards of probity in public life. They want their partner to behave in a measured way and have restraint over emotions. They don’t want to deviate from the set of rules they have framed for themselves. They consider their opinions and beliefs better than the intellectual verdicts of people or organizations. Their deadpan intellectual way of thinking makes them appear packed with superiority complex. They come across as broad-minded people having an all-embracing point of view.

The natives with Venus in Aquarius can’t establish a close bond with people who are selfish and who put their personal interests over the combined interests of other people. They are turned off by the company of self-absorbed and over-emotional people. They become rebellious if they are forced to follow rules or directions against their wishes and conscience. They behave in a calm and gentle manner until someone tries to play with their tolerance. They express their intentions in a detached and candid way. They like to extend their social network by bringing more people in their circle. They are not content to sit at home and like to indulge in outdoor activities.

The natives with Venus in Aquarius can’t cope up with partners who are possessive and stick like a glue. They are free birds who can’t be kept in a cage. For them, forming a spiritual and intellectual bond with their partner is more important than having an intimate affair or emotional attachment. They want a partner who gives them freedom to remain the kind of person that they are. Their detached nature is good for their partner because they don’t become domineering, over possessive or emotionally demanding.

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