Venus in 8th House

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Venus in the eighth house proves good or bad depending upon the strength of the lord of the eighth house. Though Venus is not considered very well here, but there are no fixed rules. It can bless the natives in certain aspects of their life if Venus is strong. Venus here indicates financial benefits emerging through spouse, either through their hard work or through the accumulated money of their spouse. They enjoy materialistic comforts due to the efforts of their spouse. They may also receive money through inheritance which makes their life easier. They don’t reach great heights in professional life owing to their lazy attitude and lack of self-discipline.

The natives with Venus in the eighth house are characterized by their happy-go-lucky approach in life. They enjoy each day of their life without worrying about the future. They keep distance from the hardships and walk on the flowery path only, by side tracking difficult issues. They are blamed by others for being insincere and laid-back. They are possessive about their relationships and feel insecure due to the fear of betrayal by their partner. Their spouse may be short tempered. Sometimes, their prophesy comes true, so they should not speak anything negative. They need to avoid thinking about sensual pleasures always.

Venus in the eighth house generates the interest of the natives in doing research in occult practices and magic. They are fascinated by metaphysical issues and psychic analysis. Eighth house represents deep research and if Venus is strong there, the natives can come up with their version on any subject related to astrology, numerology, palmistry etc. Afflicted or debilitated Venus in the eighth house bequeaths the native with vices like lust, jealousy and cunningness. Strong Venus here blesses the native with majestic speaking skills. They need to appreciate the beauty in others rather than being self-absorbed only.