Venus in 7th House

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Venus in the seventh house is very important from the viewpoint of marriage, especially for men because Venus is the significator of marriage for men, as Jupiter is for women. The natives with such disposition are affable and easy to be with. Their thrust is on building strong relationships because they consider harmonious relationships as the foundation of smooth life. They can be friendly with anyone right away which grants them the luxury of choosing people who seem to be sincere in friendship. They stand like a rock for their dear ones, especially their spouse. They are advised not to form relationships in haste as it can attract nasty people towards them, causing them agony and mental torture in future.

The natives with Venus in the seventh house wish for a spouse who is nice-looking and financially sound. They want a life mate who can add something to their comforts. Though they deeply love their partner, but too much expectation from the would-be partner proves detrimental to their happiness. Their hunt for a perfect relationship never gets over, making them disgruntled. The need is to maintain balance in life and relationships. They will be well off with partner who is supportive, rather than a wealthy spouse who treats them shabbily.

The natives with Venus in the seventh house tend to become over indulgent in sensual affairs. If Venus is debilitated or weak here, they may waste their money in buying physical pleasures, causing them loss of reputation and wealth. If Venus is strong here, they are physically satisfied with their partner and stay loyal to them. Seventh house also represents business partnerships. Strong Venus bestows the native with success in joint ventures. They can make a hefty profit in businesses related to marriage, like tents and lighting, catering, DJ, beauty parlor, decorators, bridal and groom wears, hotels etc.