Venus in 6th House

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Venus in the sixth house makes the native hardworking and dexterous. They display their caring side at their workplace by being tolerant and kind towards their fellow employees. Their charming persona and smiling face attracts others to talk to them. They are appreciated by their bosses for completing their tasks sincerely and on time. They are so endearing that they rarely have any enemies. Their competitors too respect them for their honesty. They are driven by the desire to bring about constructive changes and improvements in their work arena. They easily slip into the role of a negotiator if differences crop up between the employees in the office. For this, they get pat on the back by their superiors.

The natives with Venus in the sixth house keep up their spirits high when faced with difficult situations. They don’t blow their own trumpet and instead let their work speak for them. They are appreciated for their selfless actions and rewarded for their integrity. They need to take care of their body by avoiding over-indulgence in food and sweets. Consumption of excessive sugar leads to diabetes is a known fact, but they have to remain alert from diabetes, which creeps in their body faster than in other people.

The natives with Venus in the sixth house believe that sharing is caring. They are ready to part away with their possessions if that can make someone happy. If Venus is weak and the lord of the sixth house is strong, the native will have to face many enemies and they may be attacked by diseases. If the sixth lord is weak, they will triumph over their enemies, however powerful they might be. They should avoid the company of women having bad character or else they may be prone to sexually transmitted diseases.