Venus in 5th House

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The natives with Venus in the fifth house are affectionate by nature. They prove to be friends for life. They radiate child-like innocence as they have a very loving heart. Beauty is an inherent part of their persona. They are very good looking and easily get attracted to the members of opposite sex. But they form relationship with good-natured people only and remain loyal to them. They are romantic and flirty but remain devoted to their partner when they find one. Ask them to lead the course if you want to arrange a party. They will come up with fancy ideas and put life into the social gatherings.

Creativity is the hallmark of the natives with Venus in the fifth house. They display their talents from a very young age. They are interested in acting, singing and dancing; these don’t just remain their hobbies but they can make a career too in these arts. They don’t have the stage fear and come out with flying colors when they are on any stage. They get their fuel by delivering breathtaking performances. They show creativity even in the role of a teacher because they do not use the textbook format to make students learn something. They bring into play innovation and interest-generating methods to make their pupils learn better.

The natives with Venus in the fifth house remain engaged by dreaming about their lover. They can’t thrive without a relationship that is romantic and compassionate. If Venus is strongly placed here and forming a relationship with seventh lord, they marry the person they dream of. They get happiness through children and get more daughters than sons. Their children outclass them if Venus is in conjunction with benefic planets. But, if Venus gets debilitated or afflicted here, they may have to face disappointment in love affairs. They may face difficulty in begetting children.