Venus in 4th House

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The natives with Venus in the fourth house find pleasure in their home. They want to make their house look beautiful. While constructing their house, they look for the nitty-gritty of interior decoration and designing. They want to make changes in their house every now and then and spend a lot of amount on it. They get a chance to live in posh colonies or luxurious apartments. Their mother is very beautiful. They take care of their mother till last and provide her a comfort zone. They are deeply rooted to their native place and devoted to their parents.

The natives with Venus in the fourth house are patriotic by temperament. But their patriotism is not violent or fanatical. They would rather do small things to make big contribution; like planting a tree, cleaning their surroundings, following traffic rules, obeying law etc. They observe more and react less. They get the comfort of conveyances throughout their life. They want the best models of vehicles to be parked in front of their gate. If Venus gets debilitated here, they may not get enough chances to stay in their own house. They may have to go to distant places to work. They may not gel well with their parents or spouse if Venus is in conjunction with malefic planets.

Venus in the fourth house generates the interest of the native in studying scriptures like Veda, Purana, Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayan etc. They can remember the religious couplets easily. They derive strength from their devotion towards God. They want to tread on the path of ‘Bhakti Yoga’. They can excel in professions related to religion like astrology, palmistry etc. They become the darling of the masses if Venus is strong and lord of the fourth house is placed with benefic planets. Exalted Venus blesses the native with more than one house and many vehicles. They may be successful in automobile or transport business.