Venus in 3rd House

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Venus in the third house bolsters the communication skills of the native. Such natives express themselves beautifully through their speech and writing. Their neighborhood is harmonious as they share good relations with their neighbors. They believe in the principle ‘live and let live’. They avoid any sort of confrontations with anyone because they don’t feel good in tense atmosphere. They charm others with their soft nature. They prove to be efficient diplomats as they are first-rate negotiators. They can persuade even the fiercest rivals to shake hands. For them, life is a blessing which should not be wasted in dribs and drabs.

The natives with Venus in the third house share a friendly relationship with their siblings, especially sisters. They can sacrifice their things and happiness to watch a glee on the face of their siblings. They show signs of genius from their childhood. They may pick a musical instrument, start dancing without caring that what others may say, recite poetry or tell stories written by them, or mimic the celebrities. Strong Venus blesses the native with supportive spouse who stands by them in thick and thin. They believe in the tenets of religion and read the holy books with passion. They may come up with their interpretation of the religious texts.

Venus in the third house makes the native valorous. They have immense inner strength but they remain humble and gentle. They are very fond of traveling. They can remain happy without luxuries, but not without holidaying. They are ready to take off to a new destination whenever they get a chance. Traveling is a learning voyage for them. They take interest in knowing about the culture, geography, history and polity of the place they visit. Spiritual tourism is also high on their wish list. They may not want to settle abroad but they want to visit there frequently on tourism visa.