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The natives with Venus in the second house are sweet tongued. They may excel in poetry and people are hypnotized by their oratory. Their speeches have the power to arouse the passions of masses. They are modest in their speech and their tone is very delicate. They dress up in style. They can become renowned singer, professor or debater. They impress others with their hold on language, grammar and vocabulary. They are fond of good food, especially the sweet dishes, and wine. You can see a mini bar created in their home. They leave no stone unturned in serving their guests.

The natives with Venus in the second house are fortunate regarding wealth if Venus is strong and the second lord is well placed. In such case, they get money and materialistic comforts at regular intervals, and without hard work. They may earn through business partnerships. They spend money on items related to music, arts, food stuff and luxuries. They make the most of their intellect and creative mind to generate money. Their communication has a long lasting effect on others and it soothes the depressed folks. They need to understand that the world is not centered on them and they should be more receptive to others’ opinions.

The natives with Venus in the second house are home birds. They can’t live happily away from their family. They need constant motivation of their dear ones to do something better professionally. They may have love affairs but they are loyal in their relationships. If Venus gets debilitated or afflicted, the native may stay away from their family for long. They may waste their money in useless expenditure. They may develop health issues related to mouth and right eye. They need to avoid excessive alcohol and unhealthy food to ward off the bad effects created by weak Venus.

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