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Venus in the first house blesses the native with beautiful face, expressive eyes, enchanting gait and overall magnetic personality. The members of the opposite sex get attracted to them as bees are drawn towards honey. They know the art of speaking right words at right place. Their mind is engrossed in love, beauty, sex and luxuries. They like to be pampered and loved by other people. Strong emotional bonding is a part of their persona. They may develop intimate relations with many members of the opposite sex. Their quest for love takes long time to settle down in life as they are not satisfied till they get their desired partner.

The natives with Venus in the first house are interested in joining creative professions like acting, dance, music, poetry, painting etc. If Venus is in its own sign or is exalted in the first house, the native may receive comforts and prosperity from a young age and it lasts their entire lifetime. If the first lord is well placed, they have strong relationship with their spouse. Strong Venus makes them faithful towards their spouse. If the lords of second, fifth and seventh houses are interrelated, they may have many love affairs, and will settle down in life with one of their lover.

The natives with Venus in the first house are not great hard workers, though they succeed due to their intellect. Their judgment and decision making power is very good. If Venus is debilitated here, it harms the public reputation of the native. But they may get a good spouse because Venus aspects its exalted sign in seventh house in such state. Afflicted Venus in the first house makes the native unhygienic, ugly and sick. The conjunction of benefic planets along with Venus multiplies the good effects. They are long-lived and live in the company of noble people.

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