Venus in 12th House

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Venus in the twelfth house is regarded auspicious because it provides materialistic comforts and sensual pleasures. Venus, here, keeps an eye on the finances of the native and maintains a balance between the income and expenditure. Such natives are loving and kind by nature. They easily repose their trust on everyone, but get hurt in return because people take advantage of their innocence. They are driven by the sense of serving the humanity. They provide their shoulders to others to lean on in hard times. The wounds of the past destabilize their mental composure. It could have emerged out of tight parental control or not getting adequate love in their childhood.

The natives with Venus in the twelfth house become their own best friend and find contentment in solitude. Sometimes, they want to withdraw from the social set-up to be with their inner self. Self talk recuperates them. Success for them lies in discovering the meaning and reason of their existence. They want to keep their personal relationships away from the prying eyes of people. Relationships with the members of the opposite sex are a clandestine affair for them. Suppression of sensual cravings may affect their health adversely. Under depression, they may take resort of drugs and alcohol, which is their biggest self-undoing.

Venus in the twelfth house generates the interest of the native in paranormal activities and occult sciences. Since twelfth house represents ‘moksha’ or enlightenment, the placement of Venus here makes the native to search spirituality in service rather than in theoretical knowledge. The compassionate persona of such natives emerges from the emotional pain that they underwent in life. They may be double-minded about their own goals but they can help others in determining the purpose of their life. Exalted or strong Venus makes the native to fly to foreign lands often. Debilitated or afflicted Venus increases wasteful expenditure and causes health troubles to the spouse of the native.