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Modality: Fixed
Element: Earth
Season: Spring
2nd Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Copper
Stone: Emerald
Color: Green
Anatomy: Neck, throat

Keywords: persevering, down-to-earth, stable, stubborn, possessive, prosperous, dependable, physical, sensual

The natives with Taurus as their rising sign are responsible, capable and stable-minded. They have strong and muscular physiques. They are charismatic and possess artistic talents. They make their presence felt wherever they go. They are loyal by nature and form a close bond with their loved ones. They remain wedded to their philosophy to the point of stubbornness. It is hard to convince them to alter their track. They lay much importance to security and come out of their zone only if they feel that they will be financially secure in the new work arena. They prove to be an ideal employee in their job by involving themselves in tasks with adequate preparation. The personal trait that harms them is their stubbornness. They don’t want others to encroach upon their independence.

The Taurus rising natives are careful, cautious, inflexible and single-minded. They are self-indulgent and fond of good things in life, especially the materialistic possessions. They like to have a royal look in their attire and style of walking. Stylish clothes are like a necessity for them. They prefer to remain well-dressed always and like to flaunt their style in public. They feel happy when people appreciate their homes, vehicles, designer clothes and accessories. They are foodies with a sweet tooth. Sometimes their food habits pose health problems to them as they indulge in overeating. Health wise, they often get disturbed by problems in ears, neck, throat etc. They need to guard themselves from the attack of seasonal infections.

The Taurus rising natives enjoy the company of those people who are sociable by nature, well dressed, follow table manners and have etiquettes. They can be won over by charm rather than force. Their appearance radiates tranquility and thus their presence is very soothing. They are very possessive about their personal relationships. They are loyal to the core of their hearts and don’t break up easily with their lovers. They have a small circle of friends and are very protective about them. They always cherish the moment when they are asked to play the role of host/hostess. The Taurus rising natives are sensual and fond of physical pleasures, but they prefer to remain loyal to their partner. They tend to indulge often in sex, wine and good food. They should avoid excess of everything. They look for the partner who can match their sexual craving. They have the tendency to control their partner which creates tensions between the two. They should avoid being too rigid in their demands from their partner.

The Taurus rising natives are polite and apply patience in dealing with others. They get comforts, vehicles and wealth from an early age. They may be related to the professions like singing, dancing, embroidery, painting, drawing and other such crafts. They may prosper in businesses like interior decoration, designer clothing, gemstones and perfumes. They can also be good in teaching, banking job, managerial work, share market business and real estate work. They are aesthetic by nature and like gardening, dance and music.

Taurus is symbolized by The Bull and belongs to the Earth element. Venus is the ruler of Taurus. Moon gets exalted in Taurus. According to some astrologers, Rahu gets exalted and Ketu gets debilitated in Taurus. In horoscope, it represents the second house. Pink color is associated with Taurus.