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Saturn in Taurus

The natives with Saturn in Taurus are very determined in realizing their ambitions. They are very attached to the materialistic possessions and things of luxuries. They tend to accumulate and save more wealth for the proverbial rainy day. Their excessive concern for financial security makes them troubled with thoughts that they should be prepared to face the unforeseen disasters. This attitude turns them into a miser as they think more about future than about the present. They need to re-assess their values and understand that true security comes from inner peace rather than materialistic things.

The natives with Saturn in Taurus are very hardworking people. Their disciplined approach and organizing ability helps them to complete tasks in stipulated time. They have patience to slog out, which makes them succeed where others fail. They keep their emotions under control and don’t change their stance every now and then. They find it difficult to forgive and forget and wait for the opportune moment to strike at their target. They can excel in politics and business. They are loyal in their relationships and prove to be trustworthy friends. They expect genuineness from others in relationships and believe in give and take policy.

The natives with Saturn in Taurus can be stubborn when they want to protect their beliefs. They have such a control over their feelings that they can effortlessly put off instant pleasures for the sake of greener pastures in the future. They get troubled with the problems of throat and speech. They believe in the idiom that there are no free lunches. Hence, they are ready to work hard for a longer duration in the hope that their future will be bright and secure. They don’t take rash decisions and make plans before embarking on any professional track. They don’t want to look greedy or selfish.

Jupiter in Taurus

The natives with Jupiter in Taurus are peaceful by temperament. They look forward to establish harmony in society through non-violent means. They remain calm and smile even amidst the difficult situations. They remain content with whatever they get in life. They are very attached to Mother Nature and get energy from spending their time in activities like gardening etc. They understand the human values and are patient and generous. They identify with the significance of good deeds and know that you have to plant good seeds to reap sweet fruits later. They have the wisdom of maintaining balance between worldly pleasures and spirituality.

The natives with Jupiter in Taurus rise in life by developing virtues like tolerance, tranquility, generosity and perfection. They raise their inner strength to become an enlightened soul. They have to fight with their inner self to avoid over indulgence in sensual pleasures. The other traits that put them down are their violent temper and argumentative nature. They need to discover their inner beauty in order to appreciate the beauty of the world. They demonstrate to others through their actions that how easy it is to remain kind, helpful and cordial.

The natives with Jupiter in Taurus like to take the easy recourse by avoiding risks. They perform better if they believe that they can achieve the goal. They behave kindly with animals as well. They want to get surrounded by luxuries and beauty. They want to enjoy the pleasure of all the senses. They want to gain surplus money so that they can serve others after fulfilling their personal needs. They possess the ability to see the broader picture to expand their business. When they use their wealth generously, they attract more of it. They stick to their roots even after achieving great successes and don’t forget the people who help them in times of need.

Venus in Taurus

Venus is in its own house in Taurus. The natives with Venus in Taurus get hypnotized by good looks. They fall for a person who is strong, dependable and attractive. However, they look for a long term relationship based on love and trust. A person who is gorgeous may instantly catch their attention and get cozy with them; but if that person is bad-mannered or dishonest, they break that bond instantaneously. They move very cautiously in relationships because they want to get assured about the long term commitment. They test the waters to ensure that they are not opting for a good-looking horse that will not stay in his stable for long.

The natives with Venus in Taurus love physical proximity, which pulls them towards others in search of physical love. But they can’t sustain in an unsteady relationship. They value beauty that is natural and spotless. They need a partner who provides them with financial security and peace of mind. The pleasant appearance and indomitable spirit of the partner is their top requirement. They want their partner to constantly shower them with gifts and surprise packages like short trip to an unseen place, meal in a famous restaurant, long drive in their stylish car or lavish spending on clothes and accessories.

The natives with Venus in Taurus tend to be too lazy. They expect others to do the menial tasks while they spend their time in enjoying the comforts, good food, wine and sleeping. They need to be cautious from getting overweight. They give too much prominence to materialistic things and luxuries. They are also prone to reckless spending. They become too possessive about their partner and exhibit jealousy if someone tries to get too friendly with them. If they don’t get comforts and security in a relationship, they may try to find it elsewhere.

Mars in Taurus

The natives with Mars in Taurus are pragmatic and have immense staying power in difficult situations. They are trustworthy but have a deep sense of domineering over their partner. Sometimes, they become adamant, which draws people away from them. They take up the tasks which they think they can handle better and in which they can prove their worth. Once they plan their move, they work in their own pace without bothering about the requirements of other people. They want to develop their creative instincts. They are fond of sensual pleasures and easily get attracted to beautiful people. They like to avoid confrontations.

The natives with Mars in Taurus remain focused on their goals and objectives, once they are convinced about a plan. They don’t do their work in hurry, instead they move in a leisurely pace. They worry about their financial security and make every effort to own luxurious things and materialistic possessions. They work in a planned manner to attain the things of their choice. Their dedicated approach makes them successful in all their endeavors. They ooze confidence, honesty and cheerfulness. They are down to earth and sail with the winds rather than against the winds. Creative assignments bring out the best in them.

The natives with Mars in Taurus are traditional and candid in love, marriage and relationships. They prove to be faithful to their partner. They want to develop strong emotional bond with their partner rather than jumping straight to the bed for physical gratification. They pay much attention to fulfill the needs of their partner. They are very possessive about their partner and get jealous if someone tries to get friendly with their partner. They are known for their inflexible attitude. At times, they behave immaturely and impolitely, which surprises their friends and family. They find it difficult to complete any work in a quick way.

Moon in Taurus

Moon gets exalted in Taurus. The natives with Moon in Taurus make every effort to get secured financially and professionally. They feel secure in familiar environs. They act aggressively when they feel that their sense of familiarity and security are infringed upon. They appear inflexible as they are conventional in nature and traditional in approach. They feel the happiest in the company of their family. They generate a calming influence on those who come into contact with them. They want to have luxuries and aesthetics in life.

The natives with Moon in Taurus are very sociable and are keen on attending parties. They are very particular about finishing the current assignment before picking up the next task. They act according to the need of the hour and rarely jump the gun. They analyze their plans and future course of action and give their best shot when they move towards completing the work. They are trustworthy and people believe in their promises. They pursue their goals in a logical and systematic way. They are full-on romantics and enjoy every moment with their lover. They prove to be loyal partners.

The natives with Moon in Taurus are disliked for their conventional approach towards work. Their possessiveness in relationships gives way to their ruthless temperament. They store the wrongdoings done by others in their heart and wait for the fitting time when they can pay back with interest.

They find it difficult to adjust with the new state of affairs. Then they become inflexible and their behavior changes for the worse. They are overtly conscious about their social standing and are always eager to add to their riches and other material possessions. Sometimes, they are so self-centered that they seem inaccessible and arrogant to other people. They are not very quick in reconciliation.

Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus makes the native to vie for a sociable, enjoyable and secure life. They are cynical about people. They are very concerned with their professional and financial security and do all they can to achieve it. They are witty and have the knack to laugh on themselves. They have a lot of patience and they prefer to advance slowly but steadily towards their goals. They are traditionalists and don’t like radical changes, not out of any fanaticism but because of their idealistic temperament. People come to them to get moral support and guidance.

The natives with Sun in Taurus possess vast knowledge and are very conscientious about their duties and responsibilities. They are ever ready to take on new assignments with keenness, but they also want others to reciprocate to their good behavior. They like to have a long stint in one job and the only thing they are concerned about is job security and good package.

They like cleanliness, not just in their surroundings but in their relationships too. For them, the ideal partner should be smart, hygienic, understanding and outgoing. They want to bring up their children in traditional ways and want them to follow the family rituals. They have the endurance to deal with difficult situations and unfriendly people. They crave to enjoy the bounties of the material world and are not very inclined to pursue spiritual goals.

The natives with Sun in Taurus are very stubborn. They don’t like to deviate from their set pattern of thinking and ideals. This makes them impractical in many aspects. In love, they are concerned more about getting the physical contentment rather than bonding emotionally with their partner. They are very fond of rich food and wine which harms their health. They are prone to laziness once they are engrossed in enjoying the pleasure of senses.