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Saturn in Sagittarius

The natives with Saturn in Sagittarius are generous by nature. They carry out their duties with great sense of responsibility. They are charitable and turn to philanthropy with an innate desire to uplift the weaker sections of the society. Their religious impulse also urges them to help the mankind. This line of thinking lends them recognition and admiration in the society. They have a philosophical bent of mind which propels them to dive in the ocean of spirituality and mysticism. They are interested in scientific subjects and look for logic and reasoning. They are good administrators and can manage large groups of people with ease, because of their humane and accommodating temperament.

The natives with Saturn in Sagittarius are honest and principled. They want to earn money through ethical ways as they want their reputation to remain intact. Even if they are not able to attain degrees in education, they make their mark with self-attained knowledge. They are conservative and resist changes in their personal and professional life. They cling to their beliefs on religion and philosophy. They are attracted to sports because adventure drives them crazy. They love to explore new horizons and remain focused while studying.

The natives with Saturn in Sagittarius are very logical and can’t be fooled by superstitions or such things. They get perturbed by unknown fears and insecurities. They can evolve as better human beings by shedding their phobias and anxieties. They like to travel a lot, especially to the unseen places. They take the course of rebellion if they get disillusioned with the authorities or the management. They need to open up with people and express their views freely. They may suffer from health issues related to liver, hips, muscles and legs. They need to do physical exercises daily and spend ample time in fresh air. They should avoid being selfish, rigid and sarcastic.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is Jupiter’s own house. It is thus strong, when placed here. The natives with Jupiter in Sagittarius look towards life to unravel its deep meaning. They are guided by a set of rules which they have formulated for themselves. They are honest, friendly, optimistic and carefree. They are drawn towards religion and philosophy. They find joy in learning, traveling and teaching. It makes them a lifetime student. They are the continuous travelers of both body and mind. They have interest in sports and outdoor activities. They remain tied to their moral principles and to whatever they believe is right for humanity.

The natives with Jupiter in Sagittarius are very inspirational and their enthusiasm is infectious. They stick to their beliefs and perceptions with all their might and refuse to budge when they consider their viewpoint right. They have a knack for planning the right strategy to determine their next steps. They arouse when they are challenged in intellectual pursuits and sports. It gives them an outlet to showcase their talent. They travel not just to visit a new places but to garner knowledge about the history, geography, culture and legacy of that place. They should refrain from becoming too rigid and pompous.

The natives with Jupiter in Sagittarius radiate goodness of a virtuous soul. Those who get in touch with them feel the warmth of their affection. They go all-out to make life beautiful for others. They don’t neglect the social issues and participate voluntarily in humanitarian acts like blood donation, disaster management work, rehabilitation program, managing orphanages and old age homes etc. They are prosperous but extravagant. However, they like to spend their money for good purposes. They may have formed their opinion beforehand but they give others a chance to present their case. The source of their inner strength is their unwavering faith in God. Spirituality is a way of life for them.

Venus in Sagittarius

The natives with Venus in Sagittarius are sympathetic, benign and optimistic. They view love through rose-tinted glasses. They want their partner to evolve with them in love to make their relationship remarkable. They can’t carry on a relationship with someone who doesn’t provide them with rock-solid support. They want to share that kind of love with their partner which they share with God. Deplorable conditions of underprivileged people move their heart and they jump in to rescue the drowning soul. They spend a lot of time in philanthropic works as it gives them the eternal peace they long for.

The natives with Venus in Sagittarius want a partner who can broaden their horizon and expand their consciousness. They want their partner to be fun-loving, adventurous and outgoing. They love traveling and eating rich food. They are always eager to meet new people and share their trials and tribulations. People of different cultures and backgrounds, including foreigners, find it easy to connect with them at the first go. They want to share their achievements, dreams and aspirations with their partner. They want to establish a spiritual bond with their partner and the physical proximity ranks below than that.

The natives with Venus in Sagittarius love to embark on new zones of interest and are always willing to learn. They make conversations interesting by giving their insightful comments based on time tested logic. They enjoy a lively discussion on an idea or topic that they feel strongly about. They may get charged up or aggressive in debates or conversations but they are basically lighthearted people who believe in the principle of peaceful co-existence. They feel suffocated in a regimented life where everything is structured. They want to live a life where no boundaries encompass them. They want freedom in work and in relationships. There is no place for heavy emotions and over-possessiveness in their life.

Mars in Sagittarius

The natives with Mars in Sagittarius are profuse with new ideas and dreams. They are more inspired than natives with other zodiac signs because they give prominence to fresh and innovative ideas. They have the intensity and creativity to achieve feats that may not look practical in the beginning. Their greatest strength is to inspire people to join hands with them for a larger cause. They can create an unbeatable line of reasoning, hypnotize people with their words and get the goal achieved. They possess clever mind and invigorating conversational skills. However, their creativity can blossom only if they are given freedom and scope to use their imagination without any set time table.

The natives with Mars in Sagittarius are so confident about their plans that they plunge into deep waters without worrying about the consequences. Sometimes, their enthusiasm takes precedence over ground work. They get disappointed with those people who don’t agree with their scheme of things. They like fun and laughter but all of a sudden they can be moralistic and preaching others the lessons of good conduct. They can’t stay for long at one place. They are warm and caring but when they get upset with someone they don’t mind hurting their sentiments. They tend to become impatient and restless when others don’t bow to their wishes.

The natives with Mars in Sagittarius take time to settle down in love and marriage. They look for a partner who resembles their imagined lover. Their partner should be able to keep them entertained and relaxed. They want to get assured before forging a long term commitment. They try to figure out the basic nature of their partner by giving them hypothetical scenarios and asking how they will behave in those situations. Others can enter their inner zone only after passing certain tests.

Mercury in Sagittarius

The natives with Mercury in Sagittarius are blessed with visionary mind. They like to think and dream big. They envisage ideas which others can’t imagine. They thrive on the theory that everything is possible. The constraints, difficulties and challenges can’t put them down. They are good conversationalists and speak candidly. They like the company of honest people and avoid those who are manipulative and immoral. They don’t shy away from discussing or debating any topic under sun. They listen to others views with apt attention but don’t concede the ground when they think that their opinions are concrete.

The natives with Mercury in Sagittarius have a philosophical bent of mind and they like to discuss and converse on religion, philosophy and anything that deals with ethics. They set high standards for themselves and others to adhere to the societal rules. They enforce moral policing on others but sometimes stumble themselves. They try to live up to the benchmark they set but their fluctuating nature pose problems to them. This creates an impression that they don’t practice what they preach. Their focus is distracted by boundless thoughts and their habit of diving deep in details. They are sociable and mix up easily with one and all.

The natives with Mercury in Sagittarius don’t have the patience to perform well when multitasking. They are imaginative people who need freedom and time to explore new ideas and enhance their vision. By working in relaxed and unhindered atmosphere, they can surprise people by coming up with brainstorming proposals. They have good sense of humor but they can be sarcastic too. They evaluate the issues from very wide perspective and can understand the emotions of other people. They express their opinions in an insightful and entertaining way. They back up their viewpoints with logical reasoning and expect the same from others.

Moon in Sagittarius

The natives with Moon in Sagittarius are full of optimism and positivity. They are the extroverts, who can’t stay enclosed for long. They possess good physical stamina and are inclined towards sports and other such vocations where physical endurance is required. They are always eager to learn something and meet new people. The adverse situations can’t break their grit and pessimistic people can’t steal their enthusiasm. New goals and changed surroundings boost their spirit. Their self-regulating temperament makes them unreliable and prone to negligent behavior. They are also marred with the habit of acting first and thinking later. They remain happy if they are allowed to work without any interference.

The natives with Moon in Sagittarius are liked by people for their unrelenting attitude in times of crisis. They are always ready to face hard times straight on. The qualities that make them rise in life are their positive attitude, logical mindset and physical strength. Their philosophy in life is to come up with solutions to any and every problem. Their creativity often surprises the people as they do tasks which others have not expected of them. Their communication skills bring success to them in the fields of public relations and selling. They love to infuse confidence in other people. They love traveling and exploring new things.

The natives with Moon in Sagittarius are taken advantage of by other people due to their carefree nature. They can be misled by others as they repose their faith even on the strangers. Sometimes, their optimism turns into over-confidence because they believe that they can do anything. They become very harsh and impulsive, once they decide to do something in their own way. Then they ignore even the good advice given by others and display emotions of insensitivity. People feel offended by their immodest and self-obsessed behavior.

Sun in Sagittarius

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius are the conscience keepers of the society. They are honest, impartial and charitable. They are very courteous and gracious in dealing with people and know how to win the hearts of people. They like to travel and explore new things. They strike a good note with others due to their sense of humor and friendly expressions. They set goals for themselves, which they pursue ambitiously. They never forget the good deeds done by others.

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius are kind-hearted. They forgive others for their mistakes and forget the unpleasant episodes. They become very good managers because they can understand the aspirations and problems of their colleagues and subordinates. They can excel in the fields of law, education, spiritualism and psychology. They don’t want to let go their liberty of action. They dream of doing something great and the best thing about them is that failure and disappointments cannot suppress their spirit.

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius lose self-control when they feel that their pride is hurt. Sometimes, they are unable to draw a line between self respect and arrogance. They are fond of rich food and wine, which often creates problems for their health. Unwarranted alcohol consumption and overeating creates health problems like rheumatism, arthritis, salt deposits, pulmonary diseases, blood related problems, nervous system and liver disorder.

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius don’t gel well with dominating people. They get pleasure from companionship, but not at the cost of their independence. They exercise restraint in matters of love. They want a partner who has a sense of humor and with whom they can share their vision and goals. They cannot withstand the criticism from their partner. They have an inherent desire to become an example and motivating figure in the eyes of their children.