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Sun in 9th House

Sun in the Ninth house makes the native hardworking, tolerant and disciplined. They, however, get so carried away with the thought of self discipline that they start inflicting self torture. Their quest for attaining a secure financial position pushes them to suppress their social network and personal gratification. The childhood may bring some problem to the father of the native. Either their father may suffer from a long illness or may be short-lived. The native may fail to get any heritance which may cause them mental pain because they are primarily concerned about their financial security. They may encounter problems related to their taxes, shares and bonds, insurance policies and the money they give to others or take from them.

The natives with Sun in the Ninth house have a serious approach towards life. They are sincere and determined but sometimes they adopt inflexible attitude and rigid approach. This drifts them away from other people. It brings troubles to them in their professional arena as well as in personal life. Sun here may drag them hard to teach them a good lesson in life. Negativity is the word such natives need to watch out for and try to remove from their life. The pessimism that dwells in them causes despair to their family members, friends and spouse.

Sun in the Ninth house is said to bestow the native with painful death. There are no fixed principles, yet it signifies that such natives have to overcome their internal strife to maintain their emotional and physical health. They may die at a distant place, far away from their native place or home. Such natives can prosper only by accepting the law of the Nature and enjoying all its seasons, by accepting the good and learning from the bad. They must shed their rigidity and accept that only one thing is fixed and that is ‘change’.