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Saturn in 7th House

Saturn in the seventh house determines the attitude of the native towards marriage and business partnerships, as these two issues are represented by the seventh house. Saturn gets directional strength in the seventh house and results become better if it is exalted, in its own sign, in the sign of its friendly planet or in conjunction with friendly planets. Such natives invoke sincerity in their relationships as loyalty is their hallmark. They wish for long term relationships, though the cliché is, that they take long time to choose the partner. This causes them to marry late, but the good point is that the relationship is stable and long-lasting.

Saturn in the seventh house makes the native sympathetic about their spouse. They consider their partner a blessing which they have received from the God, and that they have to nurture their partner to keep Him happy. That’s why they tread cautiously while deciding about their partner. Once they get attached to someone, their thrust is on maintaining a lifetime relationship. Even the misunderstandings or conflicts don’t deter them from taking heartfelt care of their partner. They may get attracted to mature people, even elder to them, because that gives them a sense of emotional security.

The natives with Saturn in the seventh house stay loyal towards their spouse. Marriage vows mean a lot to them and they wish to and succeed in fulfilling their commitments. They may not demonstrate but abundant love flows from their heart for their partner. Only when the Saturn is debilitated and the lord of the seventh house is weak, the natives undergoes trauma in marital relationship. The natives having strong Saturn are honest in their business dealings as well. For them, principles take precedence over profits or gains. They have fewer relationships but they put their soul into those ones.

Jupiter in 7th House

Jupiter in the seventh house opens up new vistas of beautiful relationships. The natives with such disposition get a life mate of their choice, one which they always dreamed of. They are blessed with graceful, composed and pleasing personality. They believe in building long term relationships. Once they develop affinity for someone, they stand by them till the last hour. Their kind nature makes them admirable and much sought after. They benefit from their relationships and blossom after their marriage. Either their spouse belongs to a wealthy family or luck smiles on them when they settle down in life.

The natives with Jupiter in the seventh house look for a partner who can expand their vision and help them grow as a better human being. Their partner becomes a source of strengthening their spiritual views. They become interested in following religious practices after their marriage. Their partner may be ahead of them in terms of education, job designation, salary and affluence, but there is no animosity in their mind in this regard. Such natives are good-looking, wonderful communicators, famous for their skill/knowledge and are respected in their village or native place. They outshine their father/ancestors in virtues, caliber and generosity.

The natives with Jupiter in the seventh house are chaste by nature and stay away from immoral acts or illicit relations with women other than their wife. If the lord of the seventh house is in conjunction with malefic planets, the native may develop illicit relationships with many women. They may suffer ignominy in public sphere on account of their misdeeds and may invite the wrath of people in authority. They may have to bear huge losses in business partnerships or joint ventures. Exalted Jupiter or powerful seventh lord blesses the native with beautiful wife/handsome husband, who might be more mature than them, and possibly elder in age.

Venus in 7th House

Venus in the seventh house is very important from the viewpoint of marriage, especially for men because Venus is the significator of marriage for men, as Jupiter is for women. The natives with such disposition are affable and easy to be with. Their thrust is on building strong relationships because they consider harmonious relationships as the foundation of smooth life. They can be friendly with anyone right away which grants them the luxury of choosing people who seem to be sincere in friendship. They stand like a rock for their dear ones, especially their spouse. They are advised not to form relationships in haste as it can attract nasty people towards them, causing them agony and mental torture in future.

The natives with Venus in the seventh house wish for a spouse who is nice-looking and financially sound. They want a life mate who can add something to their comforts. Though they deeply love their partner, but too much expectation from the would-be partner proves detrimental to their happiness. Their hunt for a perfect relationship never gets over, making them disgruntled. The need is to maintain balance in life and relationships. They will be well off with partner who is supportive, rather than a wealthy spouse who treats them shabbily.

The natives with Venus in the seventh house tend to become over indulgent in sensual affairs. If Venus is debilitated or weak here, they may waste their money in buying physical pleasures, causing them loss of reputation and wealth. If Venus is strong here, they are physically satisfied with their partner and stay loyal to them. Seventh house also represents business partnerships. Strong Venus bestows the native with success in joint ventures. They can make a hefty profit in businesses related to marriage, like tents and lighting, catering, DJ, beauty parlor, decorators, bridal and groom wears, hotels etc.

Mars in 7th House

Mars in the seventh house is generally not considered very auspicious because of the ‘Manglik’ factor. It is said that the natives born under this disposition face upheavals in their married life. Either they marry very late or they don’t derive conjugal bliss at all. But it’s not as scary as it is perceived to be. If the lord of the seventh house is strong along with Mars, the native will enjoy matrimonial bliss. Those who are born with this placement of Mars should marry a ‘Manglik’ person. This makes their married life to sail smoothly.

The natives with Mars in the seventh house face problems due to their impatient and aggressive attitude, which sometimes turns violent. They pick up unwanted quarrels with their spouse which spoils their mutual admiration and respect. They should marry someone who is tolerant and more mature than them. They invite problems due to their argumentative temperament. If Mars is exalted or very powerful here, the native will not listen to anyone. They will be driven by their personal agenda. If Mars is debilitated, they may indulge in illicit relations and may use their physical energies in wrong ways.

The natives with Mars in the seventh house suffer from impotency, if Mars is badly afflicted. They may lose their wife just after the marriage or their wife may undergo serious health problems. They may bear humiliation for getting close to women of loose character. If the lord of the seventh house gets placed in the sixth house, then there may be separation between the couple through divorce. But, if Mars is exalted or in its own sign here, the native may have a happy married life. If Jupiter aspects Mars or the lord of the seventh house, the native will be prosperous and satisfied after marriage.

Mercury in 7th House

Mercury in the seventh house strengthens or weakens the marriage of the native, depending upon the placement of Mercury there and the power of the lord of the seventh house. If Mercury is exalted in the seventh house, the native will get a wise and intelligent life partner. They will have a strong bond with their partner, as the mental wavelength of both will be same. The native gets a partner who is youthful in outlook and romantic at heart. There may be age gap between the couple but they look good as a pair, on account of their young at heart spirit. Their spouse will belong to a very rich family.

The natives with Mercury in the seventh house lead a harmonious married life. Their partner is understanding and caring and provides them unconditional love and moral support. But if Mercury gets debilitated or weak here, there are bumps in route of blissful conjugal relationship. Differences could crop up between the couple and they may opt to live separately for some time. They start taking the relationship as a business deal where they have to win score. They would be better off if they become compassionate and understand the problems and demands of their partner. They should not force their ideas on their partner and should give them ample space and freedom to live the life as they like.

The natives with Mercury in the seventh house are eloquent, expressive and convincing in their speech. They perform better in trades like public relations, sales, marketing, media etc. Seventh house represents business partnerships and joint ventures. The good placement of Mercury here will bring them closer to potential business associates, who are fair and honest. The joint business will flourish and there will be regular and increased flow of income. But if Mercury is afflicted here, the native will face cash crunch. The partners will try to deceive them and may grab their share.

Moon in 7th House

Moon in the seventh house polishes the communication skills of the native by making them soft-spoken and gentle. They are fond of truth and beauty. They are attached to all their relationships and they share a very intimate relationship with their spouse. They feel emotionally contented after their marriage. They are so understanding and caring that they leave their imprints on the minds of other people. Their aim is to lead a blissful married life and they succeed in it. They provide their shoulders to others to lean on in times of distress. They provide emotional support to others at times when others have discarded them.

The natives with Moon in the seventh house mix up easily with others. Their presence is calming in any public gathering. They make a lot of efforts to project their good image in the society. They give importance to the viewpoints of other people and keep others’ interests above their own. They don’t settle down or marry with someone in life till they are assured that the other person will fill their emotional vacuum and is fully compatible to them. They are youthful in spirit and feel better in the company of young people.

The natives with Moon in the seventh house look younger than their age. They lack in physical stamina and need to build it through proper and nutritious diet. If Moon is exalted and strongly placed here, the native gets the desired spouse. Their destiny changes for the better after their marriage and they attain all comforts. Their spouse will be good looking and affectionate. They also gain from business partnerships and joint ventures. If Moon is debilitated or weak, the marriage of the native gets delayed. Differences may crop up between the couple just after the marriage. Their business partner may cheat on them.

Sun in 7th House

Sun in the seventh house throws a great deal of light on the married life of the native. The good placement of Sun here blesses the native with affectionate spouse. The spouse may be a good professional or a government employee. The native will enjoy blissful and intimate conjugal relationship with the partner. They remain dedicated and faithful towards their partner. They have strong and dominating personality but they are not impulsive. They look forward to establish peace and harmony in the society and rule the hearts of people with love and not with force. They make their presence felt in both higher and lower sections of the society.

Sun in the seventh house radiates the personality of the native with enthusiasm and positive thinking. They shine in the public relations department because they have the power to convince others. They are most sought after in both formal and informal gatherings. They prove to be noble counselors and help people in times of distress. But if Sun is afflicted in seventh house, the native may develop fanatical tendencies. They stick to their ideology and may try to divide people on some issue, may be related to politics, religion or sports.

Sun in the seventh house doesn’t always give favorable results. If Sun is debilitated or afflicted here and if the lord of the seventh house is also weak, the native faces problems in marriage. The native may get married very late. They may not be respectful towards their spouse. They may have illicit relationships with many women. They may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. They may suffer humiliation on account of their misdeeds related to women. Seventh house determines the success or failure in business partnerships. Good placement of Sun will help in stabilizing business and gain through it, while bad placement may rob the native of their money or land in business partnerships.