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Saturn in 3rd House

Saturn in the third house makes the native sober and reserved. Such natives have a lot of patience and an inherent ability to focus single-mindedly on the task they are assigned. They may like to spend time alone but loneliness breeds negative thoughts in their mind. They work in an organized way and are systematic about their schedule. They follow the set conventions and rarely divert from the track. They get excited when they have to plan and strategize on some issue because it invokes mystery and thrill in them. They don’t get bogged down by the prospect of putting in hard work.

The natives with Saturn in the third house may face troubles from their siblings. Either they don’t gel well or they develop animosity with them at an early age. The weak Saturn here creates misunderstanding between brothers on account of property issues. They, however, gain wealth and assets on their own, if deprived by their family. The path of education is not smooth as hurdles keep mounting at regular intervals; maybe there is a lack of right guide in their life who can give them proper direction. But they make up for the earlier discrepancies by doing well in the later stages of their education period.

The natives with Saturn in the third house have to work hard to tone up their communication skills. They give prominence to truth and avoid using unethical ways for attaining success. They have the fine ability to differentiate between the moral and immoral ways and act according to their instinct. They are also labeled as the silent assassins because they do their work quietly. The others fail to notice how meticulously they carry on the tasks. They should mix up with people so that others are able to understand them. They need to guard against the health issues related to lungs.

Jupiter in 3rd House

Jupiter in the third house makes the native optimistic and conservative. They have a strong sixth sense and are philosophical by nature. They are broad-minded and are able to figure out what others are thinking. They are curious to unravel the mysteries of life and show great interest in learning arts that no one in their family had known before. Their education is related to the fields of their interest as they can’t concentrate at all on subjects that don’t appeal to them. They share cordial relationship with their siblings only when the lord of the third house is free from any affliction and Jupiter is not debilitated.

The natives with Jupiter in the third house are miser by temperament and think twice before spending money. They are keen to share their knowledge with everyone. They can perform well in the fields related to communications, media and public relations. They may become a big publisher and can earn a lot by opening a printing press. They like to travel a lot, especially to the places associated with religion and heritage. They take others for pilgrimages and excursions with them, by bearing all their travel expenses. Spirituality is in their blood and they do meditation, yoga, fasting etc.

The natives with Jupiter in the third house are not perturbed by adversities. They don’t run away from difficulties or responsibilities and remain steadfast even while facing the most powerful enemy. If Jupiter is exalted or well placed here, the native is endowed with a long life. They get inheritance from their father and can suddenly get enormous wealth in life. If Jupiter is debilitated or severely afflicted here, it can cut short the life span of the native. They may be cheated by their brothers. However, Jupiter’s aspect on seventh, ninth and eleventh houses from here makes them fortunate and blessed with good spouse.

Venus in 3rd House

Venus in the third house bolsters the communication skills of the native. Such natives express themselves beautifully through their speech and writing. Their neighborhood is harmonious as they share good relations with their neighbors. They believe in the principle ‘live and let live’. They avoid any sort of confrontations with anyone because they don’t feel good in tense atmosphere. They charm others with their soft nature. They prove to be efficient diplomats as they are first-rate negotiators. They can persuade even the fiercest rivals to shake hands. For them, life is a blessing which should not be wasted in dribs and drabs.

The natives with Venus in the third house share a friendly relationship with their siblings, especially sisters. They can sacrifice their things and happiness to watch a glee on the face of their siblings. They show signs of genius from their childhood. They may pick a musical instrument, start dancing without caring that what others may say, recite poetry or tell stories written by them, or mimic the celebrities. Strong Venus blesses the native with supportive spouse who stands by them in thick and thin. They believe in the tenets of religion and read the holy books with passion. They may come up with their interpretation of the religious texts.

Venus in the third house makes the native valorous. They have immense inner strength but they remain humble and gentle. They are very fond of traveling. They can remain happy without luxuries, but not without holidaying. They are ready to take off to a new destination whenever they get a chance. Traveling is a learning voyage for them. They take interest in knowing about the culture, geography, history and polity of the place they visit. Spiritual tourism is also high on their wish list. They may not want to settle abroad but they want to visit there frequently on tourism visa.

Mars in 3rd House

Mars in the third house strengthens the courage of the native. They believe in their abilities till death because courage or self-confidence is their biggest asset. But they become impatient when others don’t match up to them in performance. They want everything to be done as quickly as possible. They should avoid driving fast. They are argumentative and force others to follow their commands. They have good knowledge and control over the subject or the technique they are involved in. They can’t sit idle and are always seen in action, doing their work or planning meticulously for future endeavors.

The natives with Mars in the third house find pleasure at their workplace. They are motivated if there’s a new plan put on their table regarding the expansion plans of their venture or new target to be achieved in their job. They need outer things to make them feel contented inside. They don’t let their peers to overshadow them. They find glory in work only and are true ‘karma yogis’ or believers in action. Their abundant energy takes them to sports fields because it gives them a platform to show to the world that they have arrived. They emerge as great sprinters, athletes and sportsperson.

Mars in the third house creates conflicts with siblings. Their brothers may be inimical to them, if Mars is afflicted. They may travel abroad to earn and may succeed earlier than expected. They have to remain careful about blood related diseases and right ear. If the lords of the third and the ninth houses are benefic planets, they will be inclined towards spirituality and secret donation. But, if third and ninth lords are afflicted, they may criticize religion and may question the existence of God. But one thing is sure that such natives come heavily on their enemies and trounce them because Mars in the house of courage aspects the sixth house of enemies.

Mercury in 3rd House

Mercury in the third house is like a child playing in his house. When the planet of communication is in the house of communication, the natives ought to be well-versed in transmitting their ideas. They may be serious by nature but they don’t lack in humor. They are born intelligent and pearls of wisdom flow when they speak. They don’t lose patience even in the trying circumstances and remain cool, calm and collected. They are so curious by temperament that they want to learn almost everything. They are the collectors of information, whichever way it comes from. They are practical and level-headed.

The natives with Mercury in the third house like to do many tasks simultaneously. Even when they are eating, they would like to read something or watch news in the television. They are most likely to end up making their career in communication related fields like journalism, writing, teaching etc. One of their strong points is their writing skills. They can sway the emotions and thoughts of the people with their forceful composition. Their words force others to look at things from a new perspective. They excel in media and advertisement industry, where innovative ideas are always in demand.

Those who have Mercury in the third house are always in search of knowledge. They are proficient in mathematics and other such studies where calculations are applied. Astrology is one such subject which draws their interest. For them, time-bound predictions matter more than the general traits. They get so engrossed in the details and planning that they lose sight of the actual goal. The third house represents siblings. If Mercury is strong along with the lord of the third house, the natives will share affectionate bonding with their brothers and sisters. If the third lord and Mercury are weak, they will stammer while speaking, face troubles through siblings and fail in business.

Moon in 3rd House

Moon in the third house keeps the native on the move as it is the house of travels and Moon stays for a short period in one zodiac sign. This is also the house of communications. The natives with a strong Moon are well-versed in different forms of communications. They can express their emotions with finesse and can stir the feelings of people through their writing. They are the social butterflies who constantly look to move from one party or celebration to another. They derive happiness from making friendships and enhancing their social circle. They want to embark on a journey, at the physical level as well as the intellectual level.

The natives with Moon in the third house are born artists. They develop interest in learning various forms of dance and music. They can learn traditional and modern forms with equal ease. They can also excel as journalists, actors and radio jockeys. They are interested in sports and prefer games like tennis, archery, swimming, golf etc. They are adored by their family members, friends and relatives as they seem harmless to everyone. They cannot stay at one place for long and constantly move from one place to another.

Moon in the third house blesses the native with more sisters than brothers. If Moon is weak here, the natives may get punishment from the government. They may incur heavy losses. They may indulge in gossiping and backstabbing. They may get intoxicated with power and authority and eventually lose it. If Moon is exalted or well deposited here, the native rises through the support of destiny and siblings. They may become famous for their religious accomplishments. They will be valorous and may join military. They are advised not to get swayed by their emotions. They should believe in what they see from their eyes rather than what they hear from others.

Sun in 3rd House

The natives with Sun in the third house are known for their valor and risk taking abilities. They are inherently strong and composed. They believe in empowering themselves as well as others, because for them life is of no use if others crush you under their feet. Since they are fearless, they are also optimistic towards life. Their wisdom is highlighted in their speech and they talk only at the opportune moment. They always hone their communication skills, though they may not excel in formal education. They prefer learning to degrees. Great athletes and sportsperson emerge from this placement of Sun.

The natives with Sun in the third house prove their mettle in the field of media and communications. They can write exceptionally well and can become renowned journalists and writers. They opt for career in traveling, hospitality sector, news channels, advertisement industry and public relations department. If Sun is exalted in the third house, the native may be blessed with adoring siblings. They become very possessive about their brothers/sisters and become father figure to the younger ones. If Sun gets debilitated, they may develop animosity towards their siblings and compete with them. Weak placement of Sun here makes the natives indecisive and they may lack courage and stamina.

The natives with Sun in the third house gain from their brothers/sisters if the lord of the third house is well placed. In case of the badly placed or afflicted third lord, they may lose their mother and their father may remarry. The strong placement of Sun here brings fame and fortune to the natives as this house is opposite to the house of destiny, while afflicted Sun can make the natives intolerant and cruel. They have forgiving nature and are liked by the members of opposite sex. They conquer their enemies and go for pilgrimages.