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Saturn in 1st House

Saturn in the first house makes the native serious by temperament. They live an austere life and remain quiet and serious. Their detached nature makes people to think that they are cold and unfriendly, which they actually aren’t. Sense of duty and unbiased attitude defines their mental set up. ‘Appeasement of none and justice to all’ is their catchphrase. They don’t let friendships or relations to overrule their decisions. They want to be seen as impartial rather than being tilted in favor of one party. They can master the art of self-control better than others, akin to the sages, because they don’t find any difficulty in living an ascetic life.

The natives with Saturn in the first house might have seen difficulties, emotional or financial, in their growing years, which make them tough and mature in their later age. If they are confronted with insecurity of any kind or inferiority complex in their childhood, they may come up as more determined and ambitious in life. They don’t let others to decide their worthiness but take a self call in judging themselves and deciding their course. Failures make them more focused to achieve bigger feats. They may appear calm and relaxed from outer surface but a lot of inner turbulence lies underneath.

The one thing that puts the natives with Saturn in the first house down is the feeling that they are not loved. It breeds pessimism in them. If Saturn and the ascendant lord are debilitated or afflicted, they may move towards suicidal tendencies. Such natives need to be constantly reminded of their potential so that they don’t feel disheartened by stumbling blocks. If Saturn and the ascendant lord are exalted or strongly deposited, the natives come out as fairy tale heroes because of their unrelenting attitude even during the worst circumstances. They should not become so dominating that people start to drift away from them.

Jupiter in 1st House

Jupiter in the first house is said to destroy numerous bad ‘doshas’ present in the horoscope. Jupiter is one of the most auspicious planets and its placement in the ascendant is not less than a boon. Such natives are fountainheads of knowledge and benevolence. Their learning crosses the realm of formal education and they guide others by pouring pearls of wisdom. They teach others how things should be done in an appropriate way. They become mature at a very young age and show eagerness to shoulder the responsibilities of their family, or the organization where they work. They stay firm on their principles even in the difficult times.

The natives with Jupiter in the first house incorporate the finer spiritual practices in their daily routine. For them, charity begins at home and they make every effort to please their family and make their life comfortable. Their philosophical disposition makes them revered in their social circle. They are always ready to participate in good acts like blood donation, cleaning campaigns and providing needful things to the orphans, handicapped or destitute people. They believe that God is always near them and draw support from this belief of theirs. They become good leaders because they possess the ability to inspire others and arouse their faith in God.

The natives with Jupiter in the first house are eloquent speakers and have thorough knowledge of the ‘Vedas’ and other scriptures. From ascendant, Jupiter casts benefic aspects on fifth, seventh and ninth houses; signifying happiness through education, children, spouse and father, apart from making the native fortunate in every aspect. What else can one ask for? They possess a beautiful face and learned disposition. If Jupiter gets severely afflicted in conjunction with malefic planets, the above-stated results are reversed, making the native dishonest, lazy and poor. Their arrogance, extravagance and over-indulgence in something may lead to their downfall and they may forsake their friends and dear ones.

Venus in 1st House

Venus in the first house blesses the native with beautiful face, expressive eyes, enchanting gait and overall magnetic personality. The members of the opposite sex get attracted to them as bees are drawn towards honey. They know the art of speaking right words at right place. Their mind is engrossed in love, beauty, sex and luxuries. They like to be pampered and loved by other people. Strong emotional bonding is a part of their persona. They may develop intimate relations with many members of the opposite sex. Their quest for love takes long time to settle down in life as they are not satisfied till they get their desired partner.

The natives with Venus in the first house are interested in joining creative professions like acting, dance, music, poetry, painting etc. If Venus is in its own sign or is exalted in the first house, the native may receive comforts and prosperity from a young age and it lasts their entire lifetime. If the first lord is well placed, they have strong relationship with their spouse. Strong Venus makes them faithful towards their spouse. If the lords of second, fifth and seventh houses are interrelated, they may have many love affairs, and will settle down in life with one of their lover.

The natives with Venus in the first house are not great hard workers, though they succeed due to their intellect. Their judgment and decision making power is very good. If Venus is debilitated here, it harms the public reputation of the native. But they may get a good spouse because Venus aspects its exalted sign in seventh house in such state. Afflicted Venus in the first house makes the native unhygienic, ugly and sick. The conjunction of benefic planets along with Venus multiplies the good effects. They are long-lived and live in the company of noble people.

Mars in 1st House

Mars in the first house gives traits like authoritativeness, aggression, dominance and valor to the natives with such disposition. They are action-oriented commanders, who ignite the fire of passion in their belly by the spark of any new goal in sight. They don’t like to waste time in just planning, instead they are in action whenever the situation demands. Their energy and enthusiasm never fades which shows up in their attitude when adversity arrives at their door. They believe that they are born to lead and not to follow others. This makes them perform better in leadership roles only.

Mars in the first house inflates the ego of such natives. It propels resentment in other people as they find it difficult to work with them on account of their interfering nature. Such natives want to establish their reign at any cost. They are extroverts and are always ready to participate in sports and adventure as it gives them a chance to release their abundant energy. They don’t fear or shy away from battles because it appeases their sense of self. They can employ any means to achieve their goals. There can be discords in their married life if the lords of the first and the seventh houses are afflicted along with a weak Mars.

The natives with Mars in the first house reach the pinnacle of glory due to their hard work and never-say-die spirit. They are firm in decision making but can become adamant at times. They need to listen to others’ views to become more acceptable. They are strong hearted people and emotions don’t matter much to them. They let their instinctive mind to do all the talking. If Mars is exalted or in its own sign here, they may be interested to join armed forces. If Mars is weak, they need to be careful from fire and explosive substances.

Mercury in 1st House

The natives with Mercury in the first house are capable of excelling in diverse fields. Mercury in ascendant makes the native intelligent, humorous and lighthouse of energy. They are very friendly and charming and thus liked by all. They have a sharp mind and right vision for their life. They move purposefully in their professional endeavors. They change their plans according to the need of the hour and they are adaptable in every situation. They are good mannered and civilized in their communication with other people. They show utmost respect to all, elders as well as children. They are very cautious that no action of theirs should hurt anyone.

The natives with Mercury in the first house are described as born perfectionists. They want everything to be done by the book. They don’t mince words when they have to convey their point. They are truthful and straightforward. You can’t expect them to be diplomatic because they say what they feel, though it may not be liked by all. For them, constant learning is the biggest achievement in life. They dive in the details of every subject they study. Their sharp intellect enables them to learn things quickly than others. They shine in creative works like music, writing, painting etc. They leave their mark in debates and quiz contests.

The natives with Mercury in the first house have faith in the existence of the God but they don’t practice any and every ritual. They have a scientific bend of mind and look at things from the prism of logical reasoning. They look younger than their actual age. They are interested in collecting gadgets and other such things which can enhance their learning skills. If Mercury is weak, the native may not be wise. They may be prone to take rash decisions. The strong Mercury causes windfall of wisdom and goodness.

Moon in 1st House

Moon signifies the heart of the native. The natives with Moon in the first house are emotional and creative people. Their sensitiveness is both a boon and curse for them. It is a boon because it brings out their virtues to the fore and makes them compassionate like a saint. It is a curse too because it makes the native to suffer from emotional upheavals. Some people try to take advantage of their kindheartedness. This makes them feel low time and again. The natives with such disposition adapt to the needs of others and the demand of the situation. But in the process, they lose their identity and others race ahead of them professionally.

The natives with Moon in the first house make an effort to give motherly love to others. They are happy in making others happy. They look for a partner with whom they can share their pain and anguish; their achievements and failures; their strengths and weaknesses; and who is compatible to them morally and physically. They are loyal towards their family and spouse. They need to ensure that their emotions don’t govern their decisions. They should be more practical in their approach. They are proficient in music, dance, painting, poetry and writing.

The natives with Moon in the first house are gentle, honest and good-looking. Their smile is vivacious and their soft speech charms the listeners. Romance runs in their blood and they remain immersed in their fantasies. They are shy, reserved and have hypnotic eyes. If the Moon is exalted or strongly placed in the first house, it gives the native intuitive powers and sharp mind. The debilitation and weak placement of Moon here cause frequent mood swings and unexplained tensions. Moon in Pisces and Scorpio ascendants is powerful because it is the lord of fifth and ninth houses respectively. In Aries and Cancer ascendant too, it is deemed auspicious.

Sun in 1st House

The natives with Sun in the first house are blessed with a dynamic and passionate persona. They display the leadership qualities from their childhood itself. They are the ones who bully other children in school or playground. When they grow up, an aura of confidence surrounds their personality. Their self-confidence also makes them egocentric and they become the puppet of their whims and fancies. They like to give orders and don’t accept the supremacy of others. If they control their emotions and shed their ego, they can provide valuable leadership in society, politics or in their chosen field.

The natives with Sun in the first house are very conscious about their image in public and do things that can make them the centre of attraction among people. They should avoid bossy attitude and learn to cooperate with their spouse and colleagues. The native is inclined towards spirituality, although the urge to attain materialistic comforts is too deep. They have tons of knowledge and wisdom; the only thing is that they should try to use it in the service of humankind rather than on self aggrandizement. They are strong-willed people who like to tread the path of morality rather than accepting the short term joys of sin.

The natives with Sun in the first house are healthy and charm others with their good and upright conduct. They may suffer from diseases related to eyes and acidity. They like to travel and spend a lot of their time away from home. They get a lot of name, fame and wealth if the Sun gets exalted in the first house. They become intelligent and speak wisely. If the Sun gets debilitated in the first house, the native will find utmost difficulty in gaining wealth and recognition in the society. They may also suffer from blindness. However, the bad effects are neutralized if Jupiter aspects the first house.