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Saturn in 12th House

Saturn in the twelfth house develops the sensitiveness and emotional quotient of the native. It urges them to adopt a disciplined and self controlled attitude. Feelings of fear, insecurity, self-doubt and lack of confidence may prop up but they know how to steer the boat of adversity. There is a sense of guilt regarding the bad deeds of past, but there is a strong desire to rectify the mistakes. They are able to overcome any past hangovers by their stealthy performance. They divert their energy in serving the mankind as it brings them contentment by eradicating any feeling of worthlessness.

The natives with Saturn in the twelfth house like to work in solitude. There’s a tendency to withdraw from the crowd and do their work behind closed doors. They work happily and flourish when they are left to complete the task on their own, away from the prying eyes of the people. They feel that they are over-burdened with responsibilities, while others get an easy walkover. They are made to think that they should fulfill their responsibilities even if it means afflicting pain or suffering on themselves. They feel that they are not given enough opportunities to flourish. Such feelings weaken their spirit and break their momentum.

The natives with Saturn in the twelfth house don’t get the appreciation and recognition they deserve because they work behind the scenes. Such natives need to break the imaginary walls that they create between them and other people. They need to open up and become friendly with others as it will break the monotony of aloofness and self-doubt. The more they will broaden their social circle, the better they will become as a team player. They need to enjoy life rather than questioning it every time. Such natives have very few enemies as they don’t stick their nose in the affairs of other people.

Jupiter in 12th House

The natives with Jupiter in the twelfth house have immense faith in the existence of God. They have a gut feeling that the benevolent eyes of the Almighty are always on them and they are ever protected through divine grace. They want to share a harmonious relationship with everyone and extend their help to others without any expectation of getting rewards in return. They shudder to think that why some people live in deplorable conditions and thus make efforts to help the underprivileged people. Love for humanity is their gateway to spirituality because for them, helping the distressed soul is far better than following religious practices.

The natives with Jupiter in the twelfth house are interested in doing research in subjects related to philosophy. Their belief in God protects them from pessimism or lack of enthusiasm. The strong Jupiter keeps them away from non-vegetarian food and alcohol. They spend money in productive causes. They may not be fond of luxuries but attain these for their family members. They go on pilgrimages and may go abroad for short term postings related to their job. They may choose professions where they can serve people. Thus they can work in hospitals. They have the spirit to emancipate the guilty and thus they may work in prisons too.

The natives with Jupiter in the twelfth house suffer from diseases related to eyes or left portion of the body if the twelfth lord is afflicted or Jupiter is debilitated. They need to stay away from immoral activities and alcohol if Rahu is in conjunction with Jupiter in the twelfth house. The placement of malefic planets here may divert the mind of the native from religion. They may achieve success through automobiles- related works. Such natives should be respectful towards elders and sages if they want to avert the bad effects of the weak Jupiter’s placement here.

Venus in 12th House

Venus in the twelfth house is regarded auspicious because it provides materialistic comforts and sensual pleasures. Venus, here, keeps an eye on the finances of the native and maintains a balance between the income and expenditure. Such natives are loving and kind by nature. They easily repose their trust on everyone, but get hurt in return because people take advantage of their innocence. They are driven by the sense of serving the humanity. They provide their shoulders to others to lean on in hard times. The wounds of the past destabilize their mental composure. It could have emerged out of tight parental control or not getting adequate love in their childhood.

The natives with Venus in the twelfth house become their own best friend and find contentment in solitude. Sometimes, they want to withdraw from the social set-up to be with their inner self. Self talk recuperates them. Success for them lies in discovering the meaning and reason of their existence. They want to keep their personal relationships away from the prying eyes of people. Relationships with the members of the opposite sex are a clandestine affair for them. Suppression of sensual cravings may affect their health adversely. Under depression, they may take resort of drugs and alcohol, which is their biggest self-undoing.

Venus in the twelfth house generates the interest of the native in paranormal activities and occult sciences. Since twelfth house represents ‘moksha’ or enlightenment, the placement of Venus here makes the native to search spirituality in service rather than in theoretical knowledge. The compassionate persona of such natives emerges from the emotional pain that they underwent in life. They may be double-minded about their own goals but they can help others in determining the purpose of their life. Exalted or strong Venus makes the native to fly to foreign lands often. Debilitated or afflicted Venus increases wasteful expenditure and causes health troubles to the spouse of the native.

Mars in 12th House

Mars in the twelfth house shows expenditure, in terms of money, resources and intellect. The natives with such disposition may spend more and earn less. In such cases they are not left with resources or options. They plan more but become lethargic when the time comes to realize those plans. This makes them lose faith in their abilities and then they merely follow what others tell them. If Mars is in conjunction with malefic planets, they have to struggle a lot to earn a decent living. They may be forced to do works that they are not interested in. Others steel the limelight from them and take credit for their work.

Mars in the twelfth house gives auspicious results when Jupiter or Sun is also placed with it. If the twelfth house becomes strong, the native may dive deeply in the ocean of spirituality. They may be inclined towards gaining enlightenment or touch of divinity. They turn their life’s journey inwards to identify the true purpose of their life. The conjunction of benefic planets with Mars eliminates the bad effects of the twelfth house. They become compassionate and make an effort to wipe the tears from the eyes of the depressed people. They travel to foreign lands and earn money there.

The natives with Mars in the twelfth house get affected by the attitude of people around them. If others spot their weak point and constantly focus on that, their mind gets filled with negativity. They start believing in other people’s views and lose their confidence and faith in themselves. They can perform well if they are motivated and reminded of their qualities. If Mars is weak here, they may suffer from eye diseases. Bad Mars can also land them in prison. They will indulge in backbiting and oppose religious pursuits. If the lord of the twelfth house is in sixth, eighth or twelfth houses; the bad effects are cancelled and good ‘yoga’ emerge.

Mercury in 12th House

Mercury in the twelfth house gives mixed results. The lord of the twelfth house ought to be strong and well placed in order to reap the good results from the placement of Mercury in the twelfth house. If Mercury is exalted here or in its own house, in Libra and Cancer ascendants respectively, the natives may have a strong foreign connection which will help them in realizing their goals. In some cases, their fortune rises only when they leave their native place and go abroad. They may have to live in a hostel in a boarding school to get education. They may have to go abroad for higher studies.

The natives with Mercury in the twelfth house are intelligent and always eager to share their knowledge. In the house of expenditure, strong Mercury encourages the native to disburse their information and wisdom. They will be fond of distributing a part of their assets and wealth to the needy people. Spirituality guides them to serve mankind through sharing. Strong Mercury makes them spend a part of their income on charity. They may also form their own charitable organization to serve poor and sick people. They are blessed with God’s Grace due to their generous nature and many a times some unknown powers help them in times of distress.

The natives with Mercury in the twelfth house are prone to mood swings and short temper if Mercury gets debilitated here. Lack of peace of mind will disturb their sleep which in turn will affect their work productivity. They may suffer from hypertension, headaches and migraines. They may lose their temper often and may become adamant on petty issues. Mercury’s conjunction with malefic planets like Mars may make them chain smokers. They may spend more than their income, thereby becoming penniless or even bankrupt.

Moon in 12th House

Moon in the twelfth house is a sensitive planetary placement. The natives with this disposition go through emotional turbulence in their life. They are introvert by nature and judge their persona in comparison to their peer group. They don’t forget their past and revere their professional journey if they have made big after struggling a lot. They don’t accept criticism sportingly and condemn the person who pinpoints their faults. They want plans and people to fall in line according to their command. Imaginary fears perturb them and they worry a lot about their future. They are short tempered but kindhearted.

The natives with Moon in the twelfth house become sensitive to others’ needs. They listen compassionately to others and try to solve their problems. Most of the bad effects in this house of expenditure get cut-off if benefic planets aspect this house and Moon is not afflicted. Moon’s association with benefic planets shifts the natives to the foreign lands and they generally succeed in the business of import and export. They have few but faithful friends and their relatives stand by them in their difficult times. It is said that if Moon is exalted or in its own sign here or associated with Jupiter, the native goes to heaven after death.

Moon in the twelfth house gives bad results if it is severely afflicted here in association with malefic planets. Such natives are lazy, unhappy and envious of other people. They are humiliated in public for their misdeeds. They suffer from eye troubles and their relationship with their mother is dicey. They waste their money in immoral acts. But, if Moon is strongly placed here, the natives guard their money and take account of every penny they spend. They need to overcome their mood swings and anger to establish harmony at workplace and home. Strong Moon strengthens their quest for enlightenment.

Sun in 12th House

Sun in the twelfth house enters into the domain of spirituality and consciousness. It makes the natives to dive deeply in the ocean of unworldly pursuits. They become less concentrated on attaining material comforts and more inclined towards growing as good human beings. They are worried more about their inner wellness. They get interested in learning about the occult and mystical subjects like astrology and related sciences. They want to learn more about how the universal forces work and how human destiny is altered by the result of their action, reaction or inaction. They want to unlock the doors of human psyche.

The natives with Sun in the twelfth house are adept in maintaining the balance between income and expenditure. They want to gain wealth and luxuries but that is not the sole or primary concern of their life. They are ahead of others in maturity and learning. They don’t make friendships just to enhance their social circle. They can comfortably interact with those people only with whom they can connect spiritually or intellectually. They want to dwell away from the limelight where there are no interferences in their schedule. They prove to be compassionate listeners and talented counselors.

Sun in the twelfth house gives favorable results in few conditions only as it is called a ‘dusthana’ or the house of expenditure. If the twelfth lord is Leo or there are positive aspects on the twelfth lord and Sun, the natives will enjoy the pleasures of bed. They will develop love for God. They may gain wealth through journeys. But, if the twelfth house is disturbed astrologically, the natives will incur loss of wealth. They may develop bitter relations with people in authority. They may suffer from diseases like appendicitis and leprosy. They may be deprived of physical pleasures and may be childless.