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Mercury in Taurus

The natives with Mercury in Taurus are serene, cool, calm and collected. They enjoy communicating with others but choose their words cautiously. They present their views in a practical way using proper illustrations and real-life examples. The best thing about them is that they are very good listeners. They give ample time to others to present their case and wait for their turn to speak. They win the hearts of others with their gentleness and polite way of speaking. They are interested to get engaged in concrete activities where they can feel, hear and speak. They take time in learning new skills.

The natives with Mercury in Taurus stick to a plan, once they make up their mind. They don’t pretend to amuse others just for the sake of being nice. They oppose the ideas of others with rigidity and stubbornness if they don’t agree with it. It takes a lot of persuasion with practical reasoning to make them change their mind. They don’t use foul language or speak quickly. They mesmerize others with their knowledge and communication skills if the topics of discussion are related to art, food, travel, music, fashion etc. They can be hilarious and can entertain others in social gatherings or one-to-one conversations.

The natives with Mercury in Taurus can make living as singers, radio jockeys, news anchors, stage artists, teachers and other such fields where they can spell the magic of their voice. People run to them for getting right advice. They are sensual and can create a wonderful setting for a date with their lover. Their sarcastic comments can put others on unpleasant turf. They turn people away with their headstrong behavior and uncompromising nature. They make practical plans and don’t rush towards their goals. They don’t accept the pulls and pressures put by other people.