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The natives with Sun in Virgo always vie for knowledge, security and inner peace. They are very determined to finish the task in hand before moving on to the next assignment. They speak less and work more. For them, life is duty first and enjoyment later. They are humble, practical, hardworking and workaholics. They are the ones who will buy cheaper things rather than taking loans to satisfy their needs. They are sensitive to unconstructive criticism. They are not inclined to take risks. They are very balanced in self-assessment.

The natives with Sun in Virgo shine in businesses or even jobs, owing to their exceptional managerial skills and diligent approach. Instead of delegating work to others, they prefer to do it themselves as they are very convinced about their working style. They like to pay attention to the minutest of details before proceeding to execute the task. They are very concerned about their diet, hygiene and health. They get irritated by others’ impoliteness, insensitivity, vulgarity and unhygienic disposition.

The natives with Sun in Virgo are not very self-confident. They sometimes give undue importance to unimportant tasks. They are very fussy about cleanliness and dietary rules which irritates others. They come down heavily on those who don’t work according to their set plan. They have weak intestines and digestive organs and are prone to health problems like vomiting, dysentery, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn etc.

The natives with Sun in Virgo are very practical in matters of love too. Their idea of love is mutual support and compatibility. They have less or no fascination for romance. The things that they look in their partner are good character and financial independence. They demand fidelity from their partner and are ready to part ways if things don’t work well. They are the ones who prefer divorce to regular conflicts in marriage.

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