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Sun in Taurus makes the native to vie for a sociable, enjoyable and secure life. They are cynical about people. They are very concerned with their professional and financial security and do all they can to achieve it. They are witty and have the knack to laugh on themselves. They have a lot of patience and they prefer to advance slowly but steadily towards their goals. They are traditionalists and don’t like radical changes, not out of any fanaticism but because of their idealistic temperament. People come to them to get moral support and guidance.

The natives with Sun in Taurus possess vast knowledge and are very conscientious about their duties and responsibilities. They are ever ready to take on new assignments with keenness, but they also want others to reciprocate to their good behavior. They like to have a long stint in one job and the only thing they are concerned about is job security and good package.

They like cleanliness, not just in their surroundings but in their relationships too. For them, the ideal partner should be smart, hygienic, understanding and outgoing. They want to bring up their children in traditional ways and want them to follow the family rituals. They have the endurance to deal with difficult situations and unfriendly people. They crave to enjoy the bounties of the material world and are not very inclined to pursue spiritual goals.

The natives with Sun in Taurus are very stubborn. They don’t like to deviate from their set pattern of thinking and ideals. This makes them impractical in many aspects. In love, they are concerned more about getting the physical contentment rather than bonding emotionally with their partner. They are very fond of rich food and wine which harms their health. They are prone to laziness once they are engrossed in enjoying the pleasure of senses.

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