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The natives with Sun in Scorpio are very strong in character. They are generous, unambiguous and compassionate. They do everything with enthusiasm and underline their individuality. They don’t like being compared with others. They lose patience if they find others to be complacent in performing their duties. They defend their viewpoints rudely and lose their patience when they are hurt. It is difficult to understand them as they don’t let others to peep inside their inner self. They develop sense of ownership over those who are closed to them.

The natives with Sun in Scorpio can become very good surgeons, scientists, detectives and researchers. They are not scared to do things that other people are generally afraid of. They have highly developed sixth sense and intuitive powers. They give their best in all their relationships and expect others to behave in the same way. They like mysteries, displaying innate interest in hidden things and secrets. They are more prone to skepticism than idealism.

The natives with Sun in Scorpio are ruthless, cruel and merciless on their enemies. If they are offended, they wait for the opportune time when they can strike back. They never forget the insults hurled on them and rarely forgive the wrongdoer. They can turn out to be fanatics in some cases. They have passion for fights and clashes. They sometimes are inconsiderate towards others’ feelings, which drive people away from them. They need to learn the art of self-restraint. They should be attentive towards health problems like infections, allergies, fractures, hemorrhoids, heart diseases, throat diseases and alcoholism.

The natives with Sun in Scorpio are passionate lovers. They either love someone intensely or do not show interest at all. They will give their best to nurture a relationship but they won’t look back after they break up with someone. The one thing that they can’t forgive in a relationship is infidelity. They want their children to become self-dependent.

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