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The natives with Sun in Sagittarius are the conscience keepers of the society. They are honest, impartial and charitable. They are very courteous and gracious in dealing with people and know how to win the hearts of people. They like to travel and explore new things. They strike a good note with others due to their sense of humor and friendly expressions. They set goals for themselves, which they pursue ambitiously. They never forget the good deeds done by others.

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius are kind-hearted. They forgive others for their mistakes and forget the unpleasant episodes. They become very good managers because they can understand the aspirations and problems of their colleagues and subordinates. They can excel in the fields of law, education, spiritualism and psychology. They don’t want to let go their liberty of action. They dream of doing something great and the best thing about them is that failure and disappointments cannot suppress their spirit.

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius lose self-control when they feel that their pride is hurt. Sometimes, they are unable to draw a line between self respect and arrogance. They are fond of rich food and wine, which often creates problems for their health. Unwarranted alcohol consumption and overeating creates health problems like rheumatism, arthritis, salt deposits, pulmonary diseases, blood related problems, nervous system and liver disorder.

The natives with Sun in Sagittarius don’t gel well with dominating people. They get pleasure from companionship, but not at the cost of their independence. They exercise restraint in matters of love. They want a partner who has a sense of humor and with whom they can share their vision and goals. They cannot withstand the criticism from their partner. They have an inherent desire to become an example and motivating figure in the eyes of their children.

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