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The natives with Sun in Pisces are characterized by virtues like sympathy, kindness and sacrifice. They are known as eternal dreamers. They like to inhabit in the world of their dreams and illusions. They are keen to connect with paranormal world. They have a lot of faith in religion and God. They are very compassionate and help the unfortunate people to come out of their bad spell. They have a vibrant imagination which helps them excel in creative fields. They make good actors, musicians and painters. They can also become great healers, priests and doctors. They have weak constitution and should guard themselves from tuberculosis.

The natives with Sun in Pisces are able to develop close bond with other people due to their poignant outlook. They are not interested in judging other people; they accept them with their strengths and weaknesses. They prove to be very efficient peacemakers as they love people and understand their emotions. They want to win over others by love, not by fights. They trust others blindly due to which others want to fool them sometimes. They are sympathetic towards all living creatures and can feel their pain.

The natives with Sun in Pisces are prone to laziness. Their blind trust on others makes them the victim of deceit as selfish people crush their kindness after getting the work done. Confidence and self-discipline are not their assets. They take the resort of self-pitying rather than changing the unfavorable circumstances for the better. Sometimes they isolate themselves from their surroundings and become inaccessible to others.
The natives with Sun in Pisces are very good lovers. They are forever ready to do something novel for their lover and sacrifice their happiness for the sake of their partner. They close their eyes on the shortcomings of their partner. They shower love on their children and encourage them to be more creative and expressive.

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