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Sun gets debilitated in Libra. The natives with Sun in Libra are honest, well-dressed and tactful. They are guided by their intellect and are very good communicators. They give more importance to aesthetics, civilized manners and perfect dress sense. They like to look their best from tip to toe. Everything has to be pleasing to their eyes. They are sociable but maintain distance from people. They are adept at reconciliation and thus prove to be very competent interlocutors. They get satisfaction in portraying the roles of counselors and negotiators. They are the first to say sorry if they realize that they have done anything wrong.

The natives with Sun in Libra create a harmonious atmosphere around them because of their pleasing and relaxed nature. They enjoy the successes of others, which makes them endearing to all. They look for spiritual learning and personal development. They can mould themselves according to the needs of other people. They believe in winning over others with charm rather than using force. They don’t like fanaticism or lurking in the extremes.
The natives with Sun in Libra often lack in concentration. When their mental balance is disturbed, they commit a lot of mistakes in frustration. They become too dependent on others while making crucial decisions. They often get carried by the sensual pleasures.

The natives with Sun in Libra are the lovers of beauty, which they yearn for in their partner. They like to flirt which sometimes leads to intimacy. They are romantic at heart and want their partner to be equally passionate in love. They look for a partner who is on equal wavelength with them in matters of emotional bonding, physical love and intellectuality. They want their partner to be decent, sharp-witted, well turned-out and worthy of note. They want their children to be brought up with comforts and independence.

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