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Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac sign. Sun in Leo is like a King sitting in his palace. The natives with Sun in Leo are quintessential leaders. They are the center of attraction in the public places. They are strong-minded, decisive, logical and self-assured about their strengths. They maintain calmness even in the trickiest of situations. Their greatest strength is their organizational ability and they know how to get the work done from their team.

The natives with Sun in Leo mesmerize the crowds with their magnetic persona. They grab a lot of attention and people love to listen to them. They are very generous but it is difficult to defeat them in arguments or debates. They are freedom-loving people and can remain happy in professions where they can exercise full control. They are not ready to stand in the last row or become someone’s followers. They like to dream big and go after their goals with firmness of action and enthusiasm.

The natives with Sun in Leo are not able to withstand criticism. They are sometimes ruthless in exercising their powers. They may forgive someone’s offense but they will not forget it. They are not very punctual and their lethargic attitude does a lot of harm to them. Since they are always surrounded by lots of people, they should become more adept in differentiating between true admirers and sycophants.

The natives with Sun in Leo are bighearted in matters of love. They are very loving, caring and affectionate. They don’t like to lose self-esteem even in the matters of heart and love. What they demand from their partner is absolute loyalty. They fall in love with the idea of romance. They protect their lover and family like a lion protects his cubs. They don’t like to spoil their children. They have a strong constitution which is resistant to diseases. Still, they should protect themselves from blood and heart related diseases.

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