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The natives with Sun in Gemini are temperamental, sociable and lively. They are excellent orators and people love to listen to them. They have mastery over language and are voracious readers. They are always curious about learning something new. They like to mingle with strangers and increase their contacts. They turn out to be very proficient analysts, translators, commentators and entrepreneurs. They often come up with visionary ideas and extraordinary solutions for the long-standing problems.

They are not cut-out for long term relationships. They are not ready to wait for long to marry. They want to straightway tie the knot if they like someone, rather than spending some time to know more about their partner. This attitude makes their relationships unsteady and people find it difficult to repose faith on them.

The natives with Sun in Gemini are like children. They want to explore new things, play games and attend parties. They find it difficult to focus on one thing or work for long. Their curiosity and restlessness pushes them to try something new every time. They are intellectually stimulated and very creative. They can become good writers, lecturers and spokesperson because they convey their views in an interesting and captivating manner.

The natives with Sun in Gemini are also known for evading responsibilities. Their habit of jumping to new assignment without completing the current task makes them unreliable in eyes of other people. They tend to ignore the needs of other people. They are unable to connect with others emotionally. They are not adept at self-restraining and are susceptible to display of possessions. They need to discipline themselves to attain the confidence of friends and supporters. They need to shun reckless spending. They need to safeguard themselves from diseases of nervous system, respiratory system, lungs and bronchitis.

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