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The natives with Sun in Capricorn have great hopes about future as they are not very contented with their present. They have a strong competitive spirit. They have the tenacity to rise from their defeats and crush their obstacles. They are hardworking, avid listeners, modest and prudent. They try to keep their calm in difficult situations and avoid getting embroiled in clashes and controversies. They achieve their goals persistently because they value the importance of time. They follow the family traditions and rituals, even if they are personally not in favor of them. They are guided by their intellect, not by their senses.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn are too serious in temperament. They are not gifted with sense of humor but they are honest, sensitive and speak in measured words. They are the ones who like to perform silently. They are passionate about earning more money and attaining material possessions. They happily carry the responsibilities of family or profession on their shoulders, without getting perturbed. It seems they are always in control of the situations. They like to work in a disciplined way by calculating their each and every move.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn have very few negative traits. Their persona is characterized by serious and restrained temperament. They lack sense of humor. It makes them dull and boring in eyes of other people. Sometimes, they are too concerned about following the traditions and adopt inflexible attitude if others don’t cooperate. They are prone to the diseases of digestive system, intestines, constipation, cold and cough.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn are very practical in matters of love. For them, their love life should not interfere with their professional life. Their suspicious nature sometimes creates misunderstanding with their partner. Their marriage is stable as they are ready to help and forgive. The well-being of their children is their priority.

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