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The natives with Sun in Cancer are dual-minded in moving on in life. On the one hand they want to move ahead, while they don’t want to part away with the secure zone. They are introverted and find it challenging to gel with others. They keep distance from the strangers but are always ready to lend a helping hand to their friends. They prefer to harp on the glories of the past rather than marching ahead with changing times. They are affable, tactful and punctual.

The natives with Sun in Cancer are blessed with good memory and intuitive powers. They are able to comprehend the minds of other people. They are the ones who get sentimental after listening to a song or gulping a peg of whiskey. They are very judgmental in analyzing the weaknesses of other people. They are affectionate and like to spend time with family. They like outstation trips but they can’t remain without family for long. They like to indulge in vocations that are useful for the society. They are very compassionate about other people’s needs.

In love, the natives with Sun in Cancer give utmost importance to the emotional bonding. Their lover has to win their heart in order to take the relationship ahead. They want their partner to be loyal and humble. They may be docile outside, but at home they like to assert their authority. They shine in the vocations where they are allowed to showcase their creativity. They excel in music, acting and other such arts.

The natives with Sun in Cancer feel neglected if others don’t pamper them. Their statute is frail and they are often attacked by the diseases of digestive system. They are also prone to self-pitying if they feel like neglected. They feel uneasy in breaking the chains of the past. They are guided by emotions, rather than logic. They often succumb to mood swings.

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