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Sun gets exalted in Aries. Sun is the King of the solar system and has powerful role in the planetary council. The natives with Sun in Aries possess the aura of high and mighty. They are strong and balanced. They are authoritative in nature and like to leave their impression wherever they go. They are born leaders with unflinching attitude in midst of the challenges thrown by life. They have a clear vision in mind regarding their ambitions and dreams.

The natives with Sun in Aries don’t panic in the alarming situations and can move towards the enemy’s ground without any security cover. They favor the straight paths rather than circling in the roundabouts. They have a high opinion about themselves and they are characterized by steadfast confidence, bravery and focused mind. They are dignified in character but can come on heavily on the opponents. Once they made up their mind, they won’t listen to others or budge from the stand they have taken.

The natives with Sun in Aries fascinate others with their wisdom, punctuality and clarity of vision. Instead of passing through the traditional line of order, they like to directly approach their boss. Due to this they create many rivals and critics. They are not comfortable in that working environment where they are tied at one place. They just don’t have that kind of patience, obedience and sitting capacity, which is needed in routine work cultures. In love, such natives act with passion and aggression. They are fascinated by the passionate behavior of their partner and prefer to have a long-lasting relationship.

The natural traits that harm them are stubbornness, impatience and overestimating their capabilities. They need to be friendlier with people, tolerate others’ faults as no one is perfect and should analyze their own behavior from time to time. They love action and detest monotonous life.

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