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The natives with Sun in Aquarius are determined but unconventional and unpredictable. They are packed with a lot of ideas but are not good at presenting their views. They have good intellect which makes them good inventors and helps them to explore new things. They are always eager to use the newest technology and gadgets. They are friendly with people and enthrall others with their communication skills. They are very inclined towards spirituality and enlightenment. They can very quickly orient themselves in new jobs or businesses.

The natives with Sun in Aquarius have strength of will to create their own course, even if it means breaking the conventions or ties of the past. They go by the voice of their head rather than following their heart. They are fair and impartial in judging the people and circumstances. Once they make up their mind about something, they are not ready to budge from their position. They are interested in participating in public forums and donning the role of coordinator and administrator.

The natives with Sun in Capricorn are stubborn and have inflexible attitude. The bluntness in their speech turns people away from them. They are not ready to leave their security zone in order to achieve something new. Their lack of seriousness and freedom-loving nature alienates other people. They are not ready to accept the opinions of other people once they have decided on something. Sometimes, they don’t practice what they preach.

The natives with Sun in Aquarius look for a good-looking partner. They want a partner who is fun-loving and who can endure their mood swings and unpredictable behavior. They are attracted to one who comes up with innovative ideas. Family is very important in their scheme of things and children are very dear to them. They want their children to be aware of advanced technologies.

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