Sun in 8th House

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Sun in the eighth house instills wisdom and positive approach in the native. Eighth house has a deep impact on one’s life and Sun’s placement here makes the native to view life from the prism of mystery and divinity. They adopt humanitarian approach towards others and wish to add something positive to the society. Their imagination runs deep and they contemplate on issues like death, consciousness and the eternal truth. Their investigative and research-oriented approach makes them shine in professions like shares business. They spare a lot of time to polish their inner knowledge. They attain benefit from the government and get powerful position in their organization.

Sun in the eighth house generates the interest of the native in subjects related to human psyche and paranormal activity. They may learn the art of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra. They study astrology and its allied subjects to know more about the people around them. They do research work in science and religion to demystify the hidden secrets and using them in the pursuit of human happiness. The powerful placement of Sun and the eighth lord brings inheritance and sudden windfalls to the native. They may get property from an issueless couple.

Sun in the eighth house causes friction in family and bad relations between the father and the son if Sun is weak or afflicted here. Their feet are always moving from one place to another. They may change jobs or shift residence without any hitch. They are not averse to settling abroad if it satisfies their intellectual and financial dreams. They need to guard themselves against head injuries and chronic ailments. The eighth house denotes longevity and powerful Sun here enhances the life span of the native. If the Sun is debilitated or afflicted here, the native may suffer from defective eye sight, loss of money, loss of longevity and misunderstanding with the friends.