Sun in 7th House

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Sun in the seventh house throws a great deal of light on the married life of the native. The good placement of Sun here blesses the native with affectionate spouse. The spouse may be a good professional or a government employee. The native will enjoy blissful and intimate conjugal relationship with the partner. They remain dedicated and faithful towards their partner. They have strong and dominating personality but they are not impulsive. They look forward to establish peace and harmony in the society and rule the hearts of people with love and not with force. They make their presence felt in both higher and lower sections of the society.

Sun in the seventh house radiates the personality of the native with enthusiasm and positive thinking. They shine in the public relations department because they have the power to convince others. They are most sought after in both formal and informal gatherings. They prove to be noble counselors and help people in times of distress. But if Sun is afflicted in seventh house, the native may develop fanatical tendencies. They stick to their ideology and may try to divide people on some issue, may be related to politics, religion or sports.

Sun in the seventh house doesn’t always give favorable results. If Sun is debilitated or afflicted here and if the lord of the seventh house is also weak, the native faces problems in marriage. The native may get married very late. They may not be respectful towards their spouse. They may have illicit relationships with many women. They may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. They may suffer humiliation on account of their misdeeds related to women. Seventh house determines the success or failure in business partnerships. Good placement of Sun will help in stabilizing business and gain through it, while bad placement may rob the native of their money or land in business partnerships.