Sun in 6th House

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Sun in the sixth house makes the native sincere, hard working, determined and aggressive. They look for perfection in every work and come across as strict and demanding bosses. They are respected for their industrious temperament, while they are also criticized for being too harsh and adamant in dealing with their colleagues and subordinates. Sun in sixth house prevails over enemies. They are very sensitive to the criticism by others. They need to guard themselves against arrogance. They should realize that nothing is perfect in the world and people do commit mistakes, unintentionally. The need is to understand the emotions of others and help them overcome their weaknesses.

Sun in the sixth house makes the natives very conscious about their image in public. They want their work to be appreciated by others. They plan things properly before working on a new assignment. Once they chart out their course, they remain focused and immersed in it. Challenges and difficulties motivate them rather than pushing them down. They display exceptional leadership qualities in tough times. Their desire to serve people guides them to become social workers, doctors, nurses, teachers etc. They give importance to their health and involve themselves in regular physical regimen like yoga, pranayam, jogging, exercising, gym and weight training.

Sun in the sixth house blesses the native with good health if it is exalted, well deposited and if the lord of the sixth house is benefic, strong and placed in a good house. On the contrary, weak Sun in sixth house creates health problems, especially related to eyes, and forces the native to spend his/her money in paying the medical bills. They may face problems from the enemies but ultimately they triumph over them. They believe in the power of chanting of spiritual texts and mantras. The bad placement of Sun here creates problems for the maternal relations of the native and puts the native under the burden of loans.