Sun in 5th House

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Sun in the fifth house gives excellent academic skills and intellect to the native. This is the house of education and Sun here infuses the spirit to excel in studies, especially examinations. It has a vociferous impact on their consciousness and they get inclined to do research work in spiritual studies. They are the ones who are passionate about attaining first position in their class or getting awards in the competitions. They, however, lack in working with team spirit. Their individualistic style, even in the group works, creates imbalance and dissonance. They become rigid in following the schedule set by them.

Sun in the fifth house makes the natives original thinkers. They are driven by the desire to impress others with their innovative ideas. They can excel in varied subjects, ranging from science to pure arts. Their fields of interest are literature, medical studies, numerology and statistics. They attain expertise in various subjects and multi-tasking, which makes them important members of their organization. They are creative but they tend to show-off their knowledge by demeaning others. If the Sun is exalted here, the jewels of wisdom flow from their mouth and they can captivate others by giving spiritual discourses.

Sun in the fifth house plays an important role in shaping the destiny of the children of the native. The exalted Sun gives happiness to the native on account of their progeny. Their children take forward the name and fame of their ancestors. The fifth house is ninth from the ninth house, thus becoming the super destiny house. The strong fifth house lord and exalted Sun here makes the native renowned in educational field and they may get national and international awards, like Nobel Prize, for showing a new path to the world. But if the Sun is debilitated or afflicted here, the native may be childless or may suffer on account of children and lack of education.