Sun in 4th House

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The natives with Sun in the fourth house are deeply rooted to their family, especially their mother. They are the followers of their family traditions, culture and mythological studies. Their primary goal is to make the life of their family members comfortable and tension-free. The exalted Sun in fourth house gives big home, many vehicles and luxuries to the native. They are very affluent and leave huge wealth behind for their children. The presence of Mercury in the fourth or tenth house makes them very successful businessmen, while the presence of Jupiter here bestows them riches through the business of jewelry.

The natives with Sun in the fourth house can take the wrong side of the law if Sun is debilitated here. They may indulge in immoral acts like theft and afflicted Sun can make the native impotent and weak. Benefic Sun in the fourth House gives immense respect and recognition in the society. They live a disciplined life right from their childhood and devote a lot of their time in studies. The native, through his/her good acts, brings laurels to the family. Their mind is structured towards fame and glory, which they want to achieve with self-efforts.

The natives with Sun in the fourth house are imposing in their thoughts and actions. Once they stick to a belief, they don’t budge from their stand in spite of pulls and pressures. They can’t be restricted to doing a single work all their life. They want to explore new fields of work and try their hand at different businesses to get more profit. And, they generally succeed in their endeavors. They don’t hesitate to move away from their home or native place in order to make their mark in their career. Spiritual conquests are like oxygen for them and they follow this path to grow as a good human being.