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The natives with Sun in the third house are known for their valor and risk taking abilities. They are inherently strong and composed. They believe in empowering themselves as well as others, because for them life is of no use if others crush you under their feet. Since they are fearless, they are also optimistic towards life. Their wisdom is highlighted in their speech and they talk only at the opportune moment. They always hone their communication skills, though they may not excel in formal education. They prefer learning to degrees. Great athletes and sportsperson emerge from this placement of Sun.

The natives with Sun in the third house prove their mettle in the field of media and communications. They can write exceptionally well and can become renowned journalists and writers. They opt for career in traveling, hospitality sector, news channels, advertisement industry and public relations department. If Sun is exalted in the third house, the native may be blessed with adoring siblings. They become very possessive about their brothers/sisters and become father figure to the younger ones. If Sun gets debilitated, they may develop animosity towards their siblings and compete with them. Weak placement of Sun here makes the natives indecisive and they may lack courage and stamina.

The natives with Sun in the third house gain from their brothers/sisters if the lord of the third house is well placed. In case of the badly placed or afflicted third lord, they may lose their mother and their father may remarry. The strong placement of Sun here brings fame and fortune to the natives as this house is opposite to the house of destiny, while afflicted Sun can make the natives intolerant and cruel. They have forgiving nature and are liked by the members of opposite sex. They conquer their enemies and go for pilgrimages.

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