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The natives with Sun in the second house crave for learning in life. They are interested in literature, science and poetry. They are willing to lead a disciplined and regimented life. The presence of Sun in the second house fattens up the wallet of the native. If the Sun is exalted here, the native receives money from different sources. New channels of fiscal benefit open up and bring opulence and assets to the native. They seek to attain financial independence so that they can let the liquidity flow like liquid to attain material comforts. The native faces financial hardships and setbacks if the Sun gets debilitated or badly afflicted in this house of finance.

The natives with Sun in the second house are first-rate speakers. They have good command over the subject as well as the language. Their leaning towards scientific research enables them to leave their imprint in the field of education. They speak with authority, which sometimes is perceived as harsh language. They live up to their words and fulfill their promises. There are chances that they may receive inheritance or a financial windfall through sheer luck. They care a lot about their relationships because they believe that a happy family life is the necessary ingredient of the recipe of bliss.

The natives with Sun in the second house may suffer from the diseases of mouth if Sun is afflicted or debilitated here. They may face the wrath of the government in relation to monetary factors like taxation. If the lord of the second house is placed well and Sun is strong in the horoscope, the native has deep knowledge of ancient scriptures, astrology and astronomy. The native is blessed with good eye sight and talks clearly, without stammering. Their neighbors are helpful and servants faithful. They are widely respected for their good judgment.

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